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i may have made a few mistakes but it my first time properly writing if u can give me pointers and constructive critism then i will be gratefull

the past  


The life I have is the life of pain and agony. Since I was nine my life turned into hell or I just realised it.

 Things never went according to plan, plus it doesn’t help that my parents are worse than the average parents. They are always in your face and making my life crap all over again. I sometimes think I was adopted. Sometimes I wish I was and that explains my parents’ hatred towards me. No one’s life is ever perfect but mine is a gazillion of miles off.

My mum is a clean freak that is unable to socialise with me and is does not let any of mine or my twin’s friends come round but she lets my older sister have everyone round. What an arsehole. My mother is a totally two faced cow that doesn’t listen to a word I have to say.

I try to tell her how I fell and how she makes me feel, but when I say something she don’t like she shouts at me and sometimes sends me to my room. Like she’s perfect, she is the reason my life is so buggered up and my emotions are unstable. One day she is going to cause me to kill myself or drive me out of her life and into a new world. HA! Too late she already did. I have my own little world that I am going to stay in forever.

Yes she has her nice loving mummy moments but most the time she is always shouting. No, not shouting, more nagging. But in a weird abnormal caring way. If that makes any sense.  

“Clean this. And hoover those stairs for the eighth time today.” (That is my impression of her). But because I am a teenager/child, that is how it is meant to be.  I love her too much not to hate her.

 Dad on the other hand isn’t too fused in cleaning the house but when he gets over the top he also shouts and I hate them both when they shout. The worst part is I love them bigger than the universe. But hey I am not being soppy. But one night when I slept I had a dream. I often dreamed but this dream was big. Dreamers’ dreams can become reality if they believe or just happen to have something passed down the family line, which I didn’t know what that thing that has been passed down is.


How could this go wrong? Is the evil in my own world larger than the good? Will I survive this test of life?






Summary of my life


     IT SUCKS LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ALL GOES WRONG!!!!!





Life fact


You don’t only get one chance at life you move on and on. 

Life is a test for the real reality, the reality that happens in fairytale. But this is o fairytale, this is unfinished hell and F.Y.I not all fairytales have a happy ending, that parts a lie and so is the prince charming.


If you want rescuing you have to rescue yourself.

The End

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