When I woke up, I was in a gorgeous magenta room. It had orange and gold accents in the furniture and bed spread.
I sprung out of bed and looked around the room. It was complete with a full walk-in closet, a bathroom and a balcony.
After I was dressed and clean, I went to explore the rest of the building.
Next to my room, a door was open.
Manuel stood, his back to me and the only thing on his body was a pair of boxer shorts.
His head was down in a journal.
"I would've never taken you for the type for have a diary." I said.
Manuel jumped. "You scared me."
"No I'm pretty sure you're still scared." I pointed to his hand which was shaking violently.
"Nah that's my failure. Attempting to cast." He waved me in.
"Relax. Don't force it, it's much easier."
He smiled. "Thanks."
"Remy and Hunter have been trying to teach me, but its pointless, Earth is a totally different element to work with."
"I know. It's like a labyrinth. It takes a lot of self-control to use."
"It does. You should show me how you summon it sometime."
"I think I will, but Boot camp Hanna can get pretty tough."
"Wouldn't doubt it."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"It means that you're hostile."
"No it means I need to whip your ass into gear. I'm gonna go explore though."
"Well you should go explore the kitchen. Breakfast is soon."
"I will. Thanks."
Manuel nodded and returned to his book.
Talking to Manuel and being myself was easy with him. He made it easy, I barely knew him, but he was the first person brave enough to make fun of my hostility and actually make me smile about it.
Maybe it was good I was here.
"Blondie!" Someone called.
I turned to see Aleks come down the hall.
"My name's Hanna."
"I know. Have you seen Remy or Hunter?"
"Uh... no."
"You're no help." He said and rushed off.
Finding the kitchen was easy, after watching everyone file in. 
I sat beside Manuel and Remy.
Remy kept quiet. She still seemed to be half asleep.
Her hair was a wild mess of red curls and her eyelids barely stayed open.

*        *        *

The End

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