I was at the schools football field, it was close to midnight and I was waiting for Dana Newmeyer to show up.
We'd been feuding for weeks and now was my chance to prove to her I was Queen of Highland Park High and she didn't own me.
"Hanna Wolfe you BITCH!" Dana screamed at me.
Dana lunged at me.
Great way to start a fight, by just going head into it. Well, great for me, she was sure to slip up.
I quickly dodged and punched her in her nose.
She was knocked back.
"One thing Dana, I never lose." I said as she charged at me again.
She missed me again and I took her and threw her down.
Before I knew it, my temper raged out of control and my fists turned into fire. It licked my skin and it spread across my body.
"What are you?" Dana asked, horrified.
The blood on her face had dried.
"I'm the devil." I said, making the flames rise before they fell completely.
Dana rushed to get away and when I stepped forward.
I couldn't help but laugh, although the humour wasn't present in it.
"Abusing powers?" Someone said.
I turned and prepared for another fight.
Four people stepped out into the shadows and surrounded me. Three boys, one girl.
"Baby, you play with fire?" One of the boys asked, flirting.
I threw fire in his direction. His hands were already pure fire when he caught it.
"Think you're so smart?" He asked.
He was full flame when I hit him with water.
"Apparently she is, Hunter." Said the
"Do you even know what you're capable of?" Asked a blond boy. There was something about him. He was tall and built with a sweet aggression to him.
"No, but if its a fight you want, you'll definitely get it." I spat.
"Admirable." Said someone out of the circle. The four figures created a space for a fifth.
"No, not really, around here it can get you arrested. Hardly admirable."
The blond boy shifted and curled his lips in. He was up to something
The fifth figure just stood.
"What do you want now? To kill me? Abduct me? Make me part of your little gang here? Lemme guess you want my powers for yourself? Well, you'll have to do it over my dead body."
"How are you not scared of us?" Asked the girl. Her hand was pure water and it was moving up her arm.
"Nothing scary about you, I've fought worse than all of you combined."
"You've fought humans." Hunter hissed.
"Don't make me kick your ass." I said.
I'd admit I was being too aggressive now, but honestly I didn't care, I was still pissed about Dana and many other things. This was me getting it out.
I felt the earth shake behind me. That's what the blond one was doing!
Giant vines sprouted up and attempted to grab me, I dodged them and I struck them with fire and air.
It shriveled up and burned.
"Hey!" The blond boy shouted.
"Oh I get it, this is a test."
"Yes." Said the third boy.
"What for? Why do you need me?"
"You're our key to winning."
"Winning what? The war against Global Warming?"
"You'd be surprised, although I can't make you join us. But it won't be too long until the Monarch gets you."
"The Monarch?"
"A group of Demons against us. See we're called Blood Riders, we're a mix of Angel and Demon blood. We're not Nephils nor Demons, we're Blood Riders." Said the water girl.
The dim lights of the football field flickered.
"I'm in." I said.
"Great." Said the fifth figure. "Manuel show her to our training grounds will you?"
"Remy, Hunter, Aleks, you're with me."
They all nodded and broke off, quickly leaving Manuel and I alone.
"What about my dad?" I asked.
"Its taken care of, don't worry. He knows what you are and exactly what you - erm - we've got to do."
I sighed. "Where's the camp?"
"You talk a lot."
"Its a gift."
Manuel laughed and escorted me to a huge Hummer.
"Well obviously we're staying inconspicuous." I said as Manuel opened the door for me.
I got in and wrapped my arms around myself.
"Tell me about you." I said.
"Fine, but you're going after. I'm Manuel Reus, nineteen. I'm from New Orleans. I'm the Earth Blood Rider and I honestly suck at it. You go."
"I'm Hanna Wolfe. I'm seventeen, from New York and I'm the Highland Queen of Fights."
"Odd, I would never take you as a fighter. You're too small."
"Its not the size of the fighter, just the size of you're determination."
"That's true enough."
We sat there and talked until I fell asleep.

The End

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