What To Do?

     I set the bag next to my pillow and sighed. What was I going to do with this thing? I had read several books like this. The difference was, in the books the dragons spit fire. This dragon hadn't done that. Maybe he couldn't breath fire. I felt a flicker of hope that dissipated when I saw a small cloud of smoke rise from the bag.

     Well, at least that confirmed that the bag was, indeed, fireproof. I groaned and fell back on my bed. I needed to tell someone about him. Stop it, I told myself. I don't know if it's a he or she yet.

     But who could I tell? My parents wouldn't believe it. If I showed it to them, they might want to kill it. The cops were out of the question; they'd want him turned over to the government for dissection. I shuddered at the thought. My teachers would laugh in my face even if I did show it to them. So who did that leave? My friends, of course.

     There were 4 of us. Rebecca, Meredith, Rachel, and I. Rebecca and I were light-skinned and light-haired, both of us with blue eyes. She was much taller than I, however. I was thinner than she, and she stronger than I. Meredith was positively pale with black hair making her seem even more so. She had wide, brown eyes and long, thin limbs. Rachel was dark-skinned with dark hair that was always tied back in a ponytail.

     Meredith and I were quick with sarcasm, while Rachel's first choice was a smile and a laugh. Becky was somewhere between, sometimes laughing, sometimes throwing in a sharp comment. Often I wondered how we all got along so well.

     This was the group I decided to tell. They were my age, no more than a matter of months older than me. I sighed. That was it then. That's what I would do. I would call them all tomorrow and tell them to meet me at City Park. We knew a small part of the park that nobody ever went to. We would meet there and talk about what we would do with him.

     Just as I'd made up my mind, I heard the door slam. My dad was home. I quickly pushed the bag behind my pillow and turned so that it looked like I had been playing on my laptop.

     "Done with your homework?" My dad asked, poking his head into the room. "Didn't have any." I responded. He withdrew his head.

     That taken care of, I carefully withdrew the small bag from behind my pillow. Peering inside, I realized the dragon was asleep. Breathing a sigh of relief, I set the bag on my bedside table and turned back to my laptop.

     I didn't play for more than an hour before I yawned and laid back, thinking I'd only rest for a moment. I'll just close my eyes for a few moments...just rest my eyes... And with that, I promptly fell asleep.

The End

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