Was this some sort of joke?

Some sick joke. Drop a dragon off in a 13-year-old girl's room and see what happens. Ha-ha.

She-he-it shook itself off. The next thing I knew, it had its teeth embedded in my wrist. I screamed. I mean, who wouldn't? I tried to shake it off. Then I calmed down enough to remember what my brothers did when they were bit by a lizard, and decided to try it. Why not? Dragons were lizards of sorts. I pinched the base of the creature's jaw, one finger on either side. Finally, it let go.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I stared at this cruel, cruel joke, staring up at me so innocently. How could something so...so...so toothy look so cute? It just didn't make sense. I set it down on the bed and headed to the bathroom to bandage my wound. Coming back into my room, a book on my bookshelf caught my eye. I picked it up and opened to a random page.

"Dragons born by human means will plant some of its own DNA in the human it sees as it's master/mother. This is called imprinting."

Oh, boy, was I in trouble.

 I turned back to the table of contents and noticed that it had instructions for making dragon-proof cloth. Yeah, like that actually works, I thought. I sighed. Anything was worth a try.

So that's how I spent the time until my dad got home. Gathering the ingredients and mixing them in a bowl. When I had finished I was left with a bowl of blue foaming...liquid. I dipped the cloth in it and kept it submerged for exactly 77 seconds. When I pulled it out, it was no longer the felt I had dropped in.

It was (supposedly) fire-proof, tooth-proof, claw-proof, and all around dragon-proof. Now to test my skills with a needle and thread.

For the record, I only know how to sew. I'm not that good at it, actually. In fact, I'm surprisingly bad at it. But it still turned out well enough.

I cautiously picked the little...thing up and put it in the bag. At least I knew the house wouldn't burn down now.

The End

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