I sat up and yawned. Another day, another...well, another day. I got up and got dressed. I grabbed a pack of poptarts on my way out the door, and I was off to school.

It was a normal school day. Remarkably normal, in fact. I got home and went straight to my room. No homework, no responsibilities. Suddenly, a strange red stone on my nightstand caught my eye. I remembered the weird dream I'd had the night before, and wondered if it had been a dream at all. I pulled out my laptop and tried to ignore it.

The thing was, the stone wasn't the fade-into-the-background, easy-to-ignore type of thing. No, it was the impossible-to-ignore, look-at-me-I'm-shiny kind of thing.

Then it started rocking. I reached out to steady it, but as soon as my hand touched it, it burst into a million pieces. There, in the center of the pile of dust that used to be a sturdy stone, was a small, scaly creature.

He was small enough to fit in my palm. He had a long barbed tail. Well, long for someone his size. He had huge sapphire eyes and spinal scales of a deep blue. His belly was blue as well, but it was such a light shade you could barely see the color. His tail tip glinted gold. The rest of him was red. He wasn't just red, though. No, he was blood red.

The End

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