Sudden Turn Of EventsMature

The black night sky gradually turned to a pale blue as the bright shining sun lazily rose clouds, and shone over the small town of Marion. It was a fine sunny day, with only a few clouds that drifted along. Birds chirped and dogs barked at one another as their masters took them out for a morning walk. Little stores that lined the streets in Marion had their "closed" signs turned over to "open" as the shop owners prepared for a new day, whether it be providing entertainment or nourishment to the people who lived in Marion. Though it was a Monday morning, and that meant school.

The warm sunlight seeped through Louise's window and thin curtains and landed on her pale soft skin of her face. She automatically scrunched up her face and rolled over to the other side with a loud groan, pulling the blanket over her head to shield her from the blinding light. As realisation began to hit her, Louise let out another groan of dread. She didn't want to get up and get ready for school yet. She wanted more time to sleep and stay in her cozy bed, on her laptop and listen to good music. But no, school was a must. Her mother had already walked up the creaky stairs of their little home and rapped her knuckles gently on Louise's bedroom door. "Sweetie? It's time to wake up. Breakfast is ready." With a grunt in reply, Louise begrudgingly rolled out of bed, blinking her eyes a few times before standing up. She groggily stumbled on over to her closet and pulled out her usual: a graphic tee, hoodie, and a pair of skinny jeans. She eventually tugged off her baggy t-shirt that she always wore to bed, and yanked off her short shorts before pulling on her not so planned out outfit. At the soft noise her mother heard through the door, she let out a soft chuckle before making her way back down those creaky stairs and into the kitchen, where breakfast was waiting.

Louise quickly shoved all her essentials into her school bag before yanking open her bedroom door and made her way to the bathroom. As she brushed her teeth, it was quite obvious she still seemed half asleep. A rather neutral expression had settled on her face, and her eye lids half closed as a sleepy fog still clouded her mind.

Eventually, she hobbled down the stairs towards the kitchen, feeling a bit more refreshed after a nice quick shower.

The End

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