Glock: Back in TimeMature

Steamy and hot, there was nearly nothing that could ruin this night for Devon Florence.  He leaned against the railing of his balcony, looking down at the pool below and enjoying the view of the girls in their swimsuits by the waterside.  Maria Anderson, probably the most popular girl in the just recently graduated class of Marion High, was lounged next to her older Sister, Bonnie, on a lounge chair.

Devon smiled to himself as he watched the girls that had been some of the first to arrive to his party; he wondering how it was possible that two sisters could both be so perfectly gorgeous... with their long vibrant blonde hair and matching figures, they seemed like goddesses next to some of the other people around the house.  And they had both come to his party.

Devon allowed himself a simply smile just as a familiar voice caught his attention.  Leisurely, the party host glanced over his shoulder then raised his hand in greeting to the owner of the voice.


The End

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