Glock: Back in TimeMature

It was a steamy and hot June evening, and there was nearly nothing that could ruin this night for Devon Florence.  He leaned against the railing of his balcony, looking down at the pool below and enjoying the view of the girls in their swimsuits by the waterside.  Maria Anderson, probably the most popular girl in the just recently graduated class of Marion High, was lounged next to her older Sister, Bonnie, on a lounge chair.

Devon smiled to himself as he watched the girls that had been some of the first to arrive to his party; he wondering how it was possible that two sisters could both be so perfectly gorgeous... with their long vibrant blonde hair and matching figures, they seemed like goddesses next to some of the other people around the house.  And they had both come to his party.

Devon allowed himself a simply smile just as a familiar voice caught his attention.  Leisurely, the party host glanced over his shoulder then raised his hand in greeting to the owner.  His best friend Parker Johnson stepped out of the doorway and onto the balcony.  He had a budwieser can in each hand and offered one to Devon as he approached.

"Dude, do you see Maria's swimsuit?  I'm pretty sure I saw Gigi Hadid wear that at the Victoria's Secret fashion show.  She's just begging to get railed tonight."  The swimsuit in question was some lacy black ensemble with bikini bottoms that were basically a glorified thong.  Parker leaned over the rail to catch another glimpse of the girl.  Naturally, Maria was lying on her stomach, talking to her sister.

Devon chuckled and popped the tab of his beer, taking a swig of the foam before it overflowed.  "Yeah, and you don't have enough game to do it."  He stated with an eye roll, turning his back to pool to face the house.  He took another drink and was greeted with full taste of cheap beer.

Parker show Devon a nasty look  before taking a sip of his own beer.  "Well I think I have as good of a shot as anyone here considering its just the four of us right now.  What do you say to a foursome while we wait for the rest of our party guests." A smile crossed Parker's face as he imagined both the Anderson sisters naked and in the pool.

Devon groaned and took another full sip of his beer.  He was a little irritated that no one else was here yet, normally half the school arrived within 20 minutes of wherever Maria and her sister went, the two were basically the it girls of rural Maine.  "I'd rather die than see your ass naked"  Devon said with a grunt, turning to face the pool again.

Parker opened his mouth, Devon imagined it was to say something about how much ass he wanted to get, but thankfully the boy shut up as Bonnie called up to the two boys.

"Hey Devon!"  The slender blonde stood up and waved at them.  "Where's the music at?  And we want some more beer!"  Bonnie was about to be a sophomore at Vanderbilt University and her time down south allowed her to pick up a soft drawl to her voice.  Her lips moved into smile as her sister giggled on the chair next to her.

Devon smiled at her and lifted his own can of beer as he began to talk.  "Come stand under the balcony, I'll pour you some of my beer."  Bonnie crossed her arms, obviously only feigning irritation at him.

"You just want to see me get wet instead of being a good party host and coming down here."  Parker laughed while Devon just shrugged.

"If I wanted you to get wet,"  he called, "I would've asked you to jump in the pool for me." He took another drink of his beer, then feigned a look of surprise.  "Oh wait, now I'm all out of beer too.  I guess I can bring you one since I have to go down there anyway.  You owe me one though."  Devon handed his empty can to Parker as Bonnie blew him a kiss.  The two boys turned away from the balcony and headed downstairs.

Parker laughed as Devon closed the glass door behind him.  "Dude how is it that you're such an asshole to girls, but they still drool over you?"

Devon shrugged and walked into the kitchen on the second floor.  He opened the fridge and grabbed two beers.  "I dunno."  He said.  "I'm not such an asshole if I'm actually bringing her a drink."


The End

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