Jagter: Family IssuesMature

Formerly known as Devon, Glock earned his nickname from his favored use of the little trigger-happy gun he keeps on his side at all times.  He changed instantly when the EMP hit, and just so happened to be at a party he was hosting.  the party soon turned to a bloodbath that inevitably led to Glock earning his position of Alpha Male of the Jagter Tribe.  A tall, handsome boy of about 19, Glock grew up on a farm and it is visibly noticeable from his thick muscles and natural tan complexion.

Presently, Glock sat sprawled across a torn up love seat.  He twirled his favorite gun, a stunning yet simple glock, between his fingers.  He smiled as it glinted in the reflected light and weighed it in his hands.  Feeling proud of his weapon, he decided to show it off for the other changed in the room.  he was in the foyer of one of their campsites, a run down victorian hose out in the woods somewhere near Marion.  In the room was most of his tribe, being the lazy little assholes that they were.  He aimed his gun towards a remaining picture on the wall, a georgia okeif flower, and pulled the trigger.  In a blink, glass shattered and fell from the wall.

Glock looked arrogantly from changed to changed, trying to gauge the reaction in each of his tribemates.  None of them flinched, they should be use to the noise by now, but Glock was looking for some fun, some way to spend some of the adrenaline that coursed through his veins.  He looked at his tribemates, wondering who he could pick a fight with.

Blade, the Alpha Female of Jagter, just eyed Glock coolly.  She leaned against the railing of the stairs, sheathing and unsheathing her hidden blades again and again. It was well known that the two alphas... well for lack of words, hated one another.  She scoffed at her coleader's vainity and once again sheathed her knives before starting to walk towards Glock.

Louise -- or Primal as she was called now -- entered the room just as Glock had emptied one bullet at the picture on the wall. She let out a small hiss as the glass rained down on her, pricking and cutting her skin.  The tall raven haired girl threw a quick glare at her male Alpha before stalking over to a chair and sat down. With a small grumble, she knew she had to be cautious of what she did or god know what they would do to her if she angered them. Louise crossed her arms over her chest, feeling a bit restless as she tried to occupy her mind with something. Whether it be biting her lip or tapping her arm with her fingers; she just couldn't sit still. Her eyes flitted around the room as her other tribemates, wondering what they were doing.

Glock met eyes with Blade and paused.  His smirk faded into a frown of discontent as he evaluated his alphess.  She was such a fucking stick in the mud all the time, he thought to himself just as Blade sent a message out to him.

You're wasting ammo.  Blade commented, causing a spike of anger to coarse through Glock.  Primal, off to the side, gulped slightly as she envisioned another fight coming on.

Glock rolled his eyes and growled softly at her as she approached.  He retorted with his own comment once she stopped few feet away.  Why the hell do you have to always be a buzzkill Blade?  Why are you so against a little fun?  Glock has his eyes narrowed and the scent of her so close to him made his skin crawl.  He couldn't stand her, especially not when he was sober.  She mad his skin crawl.  Why, you ask?  'Cause she thought the was so goddamn perfect.  In his mind, she wasn't.  She was nothing more than a bossy bitch who had nearly as much arrogance and pride as himself.

Blade moved fast, unsheathing her hidden blades and swiping at Glock's side, intent on hurting him.  Glock barely had time to move aside when she came at him.  His reflexes were sharp, enhanced by the Zap and his adrenaline mixed with anger and fueled him.  His temper was on the verge and he was going to make Blade pay for ruining his joyful moment.   Bitch!  Glock tried to hide his surprise but it was quickly revealed.  He aimed a punch at Blade's head.  You should respect me.  he fired back at her, waiting for the crunch as his fist met flesh.

The crunch never came.  Blade had shifted her body and Glock was swung wildly to the side.  It off balanced him just enough that Blade was able to kick the back of his leg and send him falling into the ground.  He landed with a frustrated thud and rolled onto his back to look up at her.  A smirk covered her lips and made Glock blush in anger and embarrassment that she had evaded him so easily.  He stood up slowly, his eyes never leaving hers.

Blade simply blinked her eyes as Glock stood up. I'm not against fun, I am just against you, she retorted. Blade rolled her eyes and crossed her arms at Glock's failed attempt to punch her.  What's the matter sweetheart, too afraid to get me?  She was taunting him.  The zap had made her irritable, and very much so with this goddamn man.

No, just too smart to waste my energy on you.  Glock strightened his back stiffly and slipped his gun into his back pocket.  He lookedBlade up and down, it was obvious by the sly grin on his face what was going through his mind as he made it plain as his eyes lingered over the shape of her body.  Wouldn't want to mess up your pretty little image of yourself.  He sneered at her, wanting nothing more than to blow her brains out but knowing it would accomplish nothing.  He knew that for the moment it would be pointless, however easy, to kill her.

Blade simply shrugged and walked away from Glock.  The Alpha male followed her with his eyes and allowed himself the briefest of sighs of relief.  Secretly, he was still sore from the last time Blade and him had gotten into the fight.  The more she used her knives, the more he decided he preferred guns.  They were faster, less messy, and made fighting so much more... clean.

Anyone want to go for a hunt?  It was more of a command, demanding anyone to defy him.  Ghost, a blonde haired changed, looked up from her bronze knife over by the wall of the living room.

I'll go she growled softly. She was to her feet in one swift movement, her knife vest under her jacket, each knife cleaned and sharpened.

Likewise, Primal immediately stood up when he mentioned 'hunt'.  She had been itching to go out for one and she wanted to taste blood. Besides, she was hungry as hell and needed something to tame the beast inside her. I will come, Louise replied curtly to her Alpha.

Glock pretended not to noticed Blade and several other of the tripe who hadn't spoke. He then turned to the two volunteered changed and put an arm about each one's shoulders.  Lets have some fun.  He bared his teeth wickedly and walked to the door.  He kicked it open, causing the already damaged front door to creak in protest.  With that, Glock entered the forest.

Ghost grinned, her blonde hair following behind her as she walked out. Where to sir?  She inquired Glock, a large grin tugged at her lips as an arm was draped around her shoulders, leading her towards the front door.

Let the fun begin.... Louise growled happily and followed Glock outside into the forest, Her fingers twitched in anticipation, wanting to sick them and her teeth into some flesh and rip it from the bones, lapping up the blood to relieve her thirst.

The End

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