The DeputyMature

Derek Winchester was respected in his own right.  Granted, he was a well-known casanova and heartbreaker, but he was also deputy of Marion and head of the guards.  Right now he was employing his latter duty.

It was night, the air was silent and crisp with the cold.  Every noise was muffled and made more terrifying with the prospect that it was harder to see the dangers around you.  Derek shifted in his seat.  At the moment he was fifty feet off the ground, a remington shotgun cradled in his arms.  Derek shivered in the chilly night, it had to be at least ten below freezing.  Derek held his arms closer to his side as he scanned the forest floor.

He had the night shift tonight.  The twenty-five year old deputy was out in the zone and working with a partner.  His partner was the 57 year old awakened named Spencer Bennet.  The man was a guard, and the two were up in deer stands out in the zone surrounding Marion.  It was their job tonight to keep any changed from sneaking into the city or any outsider as well.  Derek tightened his grip on the gun as he watched the floor, already becoming lost in his thoughts.

What happened when you were a guard on duty is strictly confidential.  No guards are permitted to speak about it and there were several reasons why.  First off, the guards were responsible for gathering supplies.  To keep the majority of the people from protesting, they simply let them believe that is what they did: they gathered supplies that they found laying around.

It couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Hadn't the night before Derek led a raid party, himself?  Him and several of his partnered guards snuck into a rebel campsite an slaughtered the lot.  They took all the supplies and left the bodies as an offering for the changed.  That was another secret the guards were forced to keep.  The majority of the town was under the impression that the guards kept the changed from attacking by keeping them trapped in the zone.  This is partially true but founded on a lie.  the guards actually fed the Changed.

Derek had organized it himself.  There were two large tribes near Marion and somehow Derek was able to make a deal with them he was able to make a deal with them.  They'd stay out of the town as long as he kept them fed and didn't attack them.  To accomplish this feat, he had to ensure the cooperation of the surrounding small towns.  He was mostly successful... until he traveled to the island of Rive just off the coast Marion was nestled by.  Rive was a small island to begin with, but it seemed like now it was completely overrun with Changed.

Derek's thoughts were interrupted with movement below him.  Derek lifted his gun and searched for the source, pausing as he got a young buck in his sight.  His thoughts were now still as he focused on hunting.

The End

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