Chapter 2

"Hey Jad!" A voice from behind said, as Philip was walking towards their cafe. 

Philip and Jad are identical twins and events like those were no surprise to the both of them. They are identical in most ways, from the face; they both had a pinkish white complexion, blonde hair and sea green eyes, even in the body structure; they were both swimmers and did the same activities everyday.

In that moment, Philip just laughed turned to the person behind him and it turned out to be Jeanne. God, she's way prettier up close. Jared really does have a good taste on girls. Philip was not able to speak for a while, he was starstrucked by the way Jeanne look. Her pale complexion, black hair, brown eyes and her red lips combined well and yes, she was extremely beautiful. But sooner he managed to open his mouth and corrected Jeanne.

"You're mistakened, I'm Jad's twin brother, Philip Jefferson." Phil reached his hand towards Jeanne, gesturing for a handshake. Jeanne shook his hand in return. "You can call me Phil, if you find it convenient." She smiled. "Jeanne Conrad. Nice to meet you Phil."

"Why are you looking for Jad anyways? Is there anything you need to tell him? I could tell him for you." Phil asked, trying to sound as accomodating as possible. He had always wanted to give everyone he meets a good impression of him. First impressions did matter to him a lot, especially when it comes to people that he knew he could get along with.

"I wanted to give this back to him, I thought he might need this." She showed a textbook which was Jared's "Ihave been looking for him since this morning but he doesn't seem to be around."

"Well, um, Jared is absent for today, he has a competition to join. Anyways, I'll just give this to back to him when I get home."

Jeanne handed the book to Philip and he started walking towards the cafe. To his surpise, Jeanne followed him. "Will you eat with someone?"

"No, my pals are busy on something so they could not join me for lunch. Why are you asking anyways?"

"I was just thinking if I could join you for lunch." Her hand played with the tip of her hair shyly. She blushed slightly and looked down. "Of course, why wouldn't I?"

She smiled and they both lined up to get their meal, and started eating afterwards.

"What did you mean by competition?"

"Me and Jad are both swimmers. Been swimming since I was six actually. Which reminds me when I did my first jump in the water, I was really afraid and so I started paddling like a dog."

Philip managed to make Jeanne laugh (which was his intention). He perfectly knew that girls doesn't like boring guys, and humour was his way off making friends to people. But despite his good humour, he never fails to show is mature side, which also gave him good points on what the people think about him.

"Everybody laughed at me that time, so I became determined to learn how to swim. I failed for the most times, but that didn't stop me. I was aware that failures were doors to improvement, like what my mother would say."

Philip successfully gave Jeanne a good impression of himself; a good-natured, selfless, mature, good humoured and a sensible man. Jeanne couldn't help it but smile in amusement.

He's not like any other boys after all, I was wrong about this guy. She thought.

The End

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