Chapter 1

It was the first day of school. Philip and Jared were in the same school, same grade but in a different class, just like the past years. Although they are twins, they have a different group of friends, both from each one's class. They meet different people, make friends with others. And as the day ended, Jared rushed to announce to Philip something about meeting a new friend from his class.

"Phil! You gotta check this girl out!" Jared looked at Philip, straight in the eyes. Telling him that Philip should follow his eyes.

Philip saw a girl, with an outstanding beauty among her friends. Her black hair was placed at the side of her neck and her eyes always look as if they were smiling. Every aspect of her body; from the face to the hips to the feet, were equally proportioned and suited her. She looked beautiful no, she was beautiful, no matter how simple her clothes are.

"Is she the girl in dark blue?"

"Yeah! Do you find her pretty?" Jared crossed his arms and looked up with eyes filled with pride. "Yep, I do think she's really pretty."

Jared and Philip were both open to their feelings. They never kept secrets from each other, they were parters in crime and they had the best brotherhood no one perhaps would never have. If one likes a girl, he would tell the other one, and he would help his brother in approaching a girl. Jared was expecting this to happen.

"Why are you asking anyways? Do you like her?" A grinned formed from Philip's lips.

"I guess I do, but I think I'll have to keep this as a secret from her. I mean, we're friends."

"Acquaintances you mean, you haven't even spent a week with her for her to be your friend!"

"Whatever you say Phil." Jared's eyes rolled, Philip noticed that his twin brother was getting annoyed, so he tried to lighten up his suddenly heavy mood.

"But I really think she's pretty, good job on picking a girl Jad!"

Jared shrugged and laughed as they both started walking towards their house.

Their house was only a few yards away from their school, so they really didn't need to bother getting a school bus or having their parents drive them from their house. It was actually a good thing for them, since they were both athletes who needs regular exercise. To be specific, they were swimmers. Another advantage of their "walking to school" routine is that they could find time to have a little chit-chat with each other, since they were both busy students.

As they were both walking, Jared noticed that Philip wasn't in his energetic self and figured out that there was something wrong. "What's with the silence?"

"Nothing really.."

"Come on, tell me."

Philip sighed and rotated his neck to produce a sound. "That Williams guy.."

"What's wrong with Mr. Williams?"

"Nothing actually, I was just disappointed to find myself in his class."

"Well, I guess your class is really unlucky."

"Really unlucky."

"Anyways, setting that topic aside, I really like Jeanne."

"Jeanne? Is that her name?"

"Yeah. I like her and I'm gonna have her."

The End

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