Blood over the Heart


Jared was crying, his knees were scratched since he fell from the swing. It was swinging too fast when he suddenly stopped the swing but, his little knees were not stong enough to stop them. He lost control of the swing and fell on his knees.

"Are you okay Jad?"

Blood was slowly coming out from his knees, he cried louder in terror, he was no good when it comes to blood.

"Jared! What's going on here?"

Jared's mother rushed towards Jared and knelt down to look at Jared's knees. A face was filled with concern for her son, and gently asked."What happened here Philip?"

Philip looked and pointed towards the swing, he too, was concerned with his brother. Too concerned that his face turned red in fear and concern. "That swing over there Mommy! Jad fell from it!"

There was no nearby source of water around, so their mother opened the bottle of water she was holding

"Let's go back to car boys, I'm gonna clean Jared's wound."

Philip whispered a prayer for Jared, asking for the healing of Jared's wound and to lessen the pain. He made sure that Jared won't have a hard time walking, and said words of encouragement and things such as "Be brave Jad! Don't be scared okay?"


It was fifteen years since that day, and nothing changed with their relationship.

For Philip always loved his twin brother, in every single way.

The End

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