Blood on the RooftopsMature

Who knows where this will go when I start it. Enjoy!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Three shots and it was done. I stood alone on the rooftop, well I was the only one left alive out of the three of us. I had figured on the deal not going quite as we had hoped but this particular scenario... well I thought I had read the players better. 2 days and I was no closer to the White Rose killer than I had been when she walked into my office...

Her makeup was smeared, her clothes were tattered and she was obviously still in shock. I got her name, a number, an address and a $300 advance with a promise of more if I could bring her boyfriend's killer to justice, one way or another. Great... if her connections were more obvious I'd have rival gangs after me. I told her to lay low and looked at my info. Miss Maria Valentino, part owner of several "interesting" nightclubs dotted around town and her dead beau Mickey Ramos, a known trigger man although the cops had never really pinned anything on him they had their suspicions as did I. Well I was hired and his body was found with a single white rose next to it. Single gunshot wound just like all the others, only difference being he was the first male victim...

The sounds of sirens brought me back from my thoughts. Any chance of me finding anything out tonight rested on our unknown assailant so I quickly searched his pockets, bade farewell to my partner in crime after removing his ID and slunk away to avoid any unwanted attention from people with badges.

Back at my office I looked at my lead... one Timothy Tay. Name didn't ring a bell at all, but he said he had info if I had money. Of course I didn't but Eddie was going to persuade him to lower his rates. Until he shot first that is. Why did Eddie shoot him? I sighed as yet another case looked like it was going to bring me into the underbelly of a city that hid more that just mobsters and hookers making deals with bent coppers. I had only just begun to scratch the surface and I had had more than enough. Still now Eddie was dead I felt like I had to finish this case to put him to rest, but with no clues that was going to be difficult to say the least. Time to ask some of the more... curious locals I guess.

The End

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