I grunt inaudibly as my body starts to wake up, like always it feels like I'm paralyzed at first before it finally agrees to move. Outside, the sun is still up and the blood protests rising up this early, regardless of the fact the sun doesn't hurt me, it's still part of my instincts.

The sweat smell of another person comes to my nose and I open my eyes, noticing the apple green bed sheets and the posters all around me. For a second, I wonder where I am, feeling panicked but then I remember last night...

On the other side of the room, I finally notice Cass sitting in lotus on a computer chair, facing a laptop. Next to her, a sliver of daylight pass through the store making the only lighting in the otherwise dark room.

"I was beginning to wonder if you had fallen in a coma." She notes with amusement as I sit up on the bed, still half asleep.

"What time is it?" I half mumble.

"Two thirty five." She notes after looking at her computer's clock and then turning back toward me. "You've been unconscious for almost twelve hours." She then add sounding almost impressed.

"Yeah, it happens with me. Why didn't you try to wake me up?"

"I did when it was time for lunch. You didn't even seem notice when I shook you so I figured I'd let you sleep in peace."

I nod in acknowledgement and an awkward silence settled down between us. 

"Do you want me to leave?" I timidly ask after many torturous seconds that stretched far too long. 

"Not unless you want to." She declares before pointing to the door with her thumb. "The shower's on the left side of the hallway."

I thank her for the information and proceed there to wash my body and clear the haze that clouds my mind every morning. After a few energizing minutes of scalding water, I can finally think again and my mind goes back to last night...

In my mind I review the events of the previous evening, the torrent of emotions, the awkwardness at first, the passion next, the raw ecstasy... All of which can't help but make me look back. How long had it been since the last time? Why did I feel like this toward Cass? Did I love her or was it just desire?

These questions fill my mind as I turn off the water and dry myself up with a nearby towel before inspecting myself in the mirror. I haven't shaven in a week but it barely shows, same thing for my nails. After the mechanical check up, I still think about all these questions and eventually I realize something; I haven't forged any bond with anyone in years beside Doll. I avoided it like the plague ever since I started hunting. 

I had just isolated myself from everyone without really noticing. Maybe to avoid getting people involved... Maybe because I don't age normally... Or is it because of the blood's solitary nature?

When I leave the bathroom, I still don't have any answer and doubt I will have any soon...

The End

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