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She holds me in her arms possessively for a minute or two before she finally let go. She backs off an inch or two and her gaze meet mine. A moment pass in complete uninterrupted silence from our part yet just the glow in her eyes tell more than words could.

We don't need to think about it, we don't need to say it, we just follow our impulse; our lips meet and our mouth become one. We make out without holding back in the dimly lit alley, her back against the cold brick wall.

It doesn't end with just the lips, our tongue soon follow while out hands begin drifting away and exploring the shape of the other's body. Inside of my head, primal instincts, fuel by the predatory nature of the blood, work their way to slowly take over the rational mind.

Silently beast cries; Take her, dominate her, make her yours, take what should be yours. Now, no more waiting, no fooling around. She belongs to you.

That's what the beast is, kill or be killed, dominate or be dominated. There's no middle ground to the blood's urges, love, compassion, friendship are irrelevant at best, bitter lies at worst.

Gently, I push her away and we both take a moment to catch our breath, leaning against the other, breathing strongly into the other's neck and exhaling cloud of vapor. 

"I'm sorry, I got carried away..." I apologize to her once my breathing regain it's normal rate.

"What are you apologizing for? You didn't do anything."

"I shouldn't have come onto you like this."

"If I hadn't wanted it, I would have pushed you away before it even began. Look, I know what I've said before about not wanting a relationship but your absence made me realized I cared for you. I kept worrying if it was my fault and then I saw that your disappearance itself was something that hurt even if it wasn't my fault."

"What about Alek?" I ask with a moderate degree of reluctance and a crack of discomfort.

She sighs and take a moment to gather her thoughts before she answers; "I don't even know myself what is going on with Alek and I. It's a big wobbly mess of complicated and ambiguous. He likes me and I do kind of like him back but is it romance or love or not, that I have no F'ing clue."

"But you like him?"

"Maybe, but it doesn't mean that I can't like other people... I don't even like that word to describe relationships,; 'Like' I don't think you can love someone halfway..."

"So you're saying that you don't have to choose?"

"Basically, yes. Look... Do you want to go back to my place?"

"Just like that?" I ask surprised, almost shocked.

"Just like that. No strings attached, no pretend to be knightly crap. No ritual and all, just doing what we want."


Once more, there's a maelstrom of feelings inside of me, the surprise of the offer against preconceived notions of romance that I sort of held, anticipation, desire and a dash of happiness of companionship all mixed with the beast's confusion about who 'wins' against who...

The End

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