"Tell me, Nathan, how do you find my club?" Alek asks me casually while he sips a glass of red liquid.

"Last time I heard techno this horrifyingly bad, Wesley Snipes was killing everybody."

That remark gave birth to a smile on his lips. "Is that what you wish would happen?"

"Maybe. What did you want me here for?"

"To talk, obviously. With our situation, I don't think games are needed between the two of us, we can talk openly."

"You expect me to take the word of a Tepes?"

"You know what I am and I have a fair idea of what you are. I'm here to make you an offer Nathan, for you and that sister of yours."

"How do you know of her?"

"For one, you just confirmed it and second Cassandra spoke to me saying she meet her. Speaking of her, are you the one who feed her information about us?"

I swear under my breath. "What did you do to her?" I demand instead of asking.

"Nothing, she's safe. Actually, she's working at the moment, she finish in half an hour. She wants me to meet her so let's no drag this on too long. Shall we?"

"Fine." I grumble. "What did you have to say?"

"I can provide protection for you and your sister from Rorik, which has been meddling in my affairs for quite some time now..."

"And in exchange?"

"First, you stop any form of hunt into the domain's activity."

"No can do. Someone's got to keep you guys in check." I firmly declare.

"There is, it's called a sheriff. If you really insist, I can get you working with the man, lawfully." He says after slowly takes another sip from his glasses and set it down.

"But I still don't know, what's your game, what do you want?"

"Peace for starter. Then maybe one day integration of our kind into society."

I gave him a thousand miles stare before stupidly commenting; "You're serious aren't you?"

"Quite so. I think we should stop fighting amongst ourselves and work for something greater. Greater than the petty wars between the ancients, something that will last and change the world."

"You're insane... I've seen vampires executed for saying less crazy things than that. Are you seriously going to destroy the masquerade?"

"I'm talking about very long term plans. For now, all that matters is stopping the violence and break down the current packs."

I sigh loudly, having a hard time to digest all that information. "What are your other conditions?"

"Second, you help me do so and third... You come back to school."

"What? Why?"

"You made it so much more entertaining for starter and Cassandra misses you."

"Cass..." I mutters to myself. I pretty much dragged her into this freaking mess by telling her about vampires. "What does that change for you?" I then ask loudly. Instead of answering, he simply gazes away, down at the floor. "What does she mean for you, is she just another snack?"

"She isn't and I admit, that I don't even know myself... There's just something..."

"Oh boy, We've got a vampire in love!" I mock him.

"Shut up!" He says looking back at me, his eyes crimson and glowing. "We're done here. Do we have a deal?" He ask, getting his cool back, his eyes fading back to their usual dark brown.

"On one condition..." I add, surprising him.

The End

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