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My whole body feels lethargic when I arrive at the address noted on the business card the vampire gave me. It's about twenty minutes passed midnight, I'm late since I had to take a detour to move Doll someplace else.

The meeting point is buried inside downtown. A red neon cocktail glass lays next to the stylized words; The Rack. The sign hangs above the door which is flanked by a pair of musclebound oafs. 

"This is a private club, you have to know someone to get in." One of them addresses me when I walk closer, his voice almost growling.

"I got told to come here." I declare handing them the business card where someone had written "Invitation for one" with red ink, signed with something unreadable.

"Alright, you can get in. Leave your coat and weapons at the entrance. Don't try to smuggle anything in, we'll know." The man announces, his voice strong and powerful.

"Weapons?" I ask, arching an eyebrow.

"We have a very rough clientele. This is a neutral territory, fights are to be taken outside." The other bouncer responds with a neutral tone, like he just read an instruction manual.

After dropping my belongings at the lockers, I slowly walk into the club proper, bathed in red neon light, the place is decorated with leather, rich dark wood and black steel, while the black walls are painted with decals representing creatures from mythology, werewolves, vampires, dragons and so much more.

I'd say this place is a domain for poseur, fangbangers and whiny emo gits... Except I can see at least a dozen or so vampires playing in the crowd, rocking the dance floor or 'making out' in the shadowy corners.

The place bears its name well; It's a wine rack for fangs, there's enough to satisfy any kind of desires. Clubs are great method for vampires to hunt, there's plenty of people, a lot of darkness and the music covers any suspicious sounds.

"Please follow me, sir." Says a young girl, putting her hand on my shoulder to get my attention. I look her up and down, she looks 18 at most, the rather tight bar uniform leave little to the imagination... 

Inside me, I feel my desires burning, begging for me to indulge them, let my primal side out. Silently, I follow her and she brings us to the V.I.P room, behind a long pair of crimson drapes.

The V.I.P room is very different from the previous section, its style replaced with Gothic architecture strait out of a cathedral. Down a few steps, we reach a small area with couches, a regal table and it's own mini bar.

"Welcome Nathan." A familiar voice greets me.

"Alek..." I mutter.

"Please, sit down. If you're thirsty, help yourself to the bar, we cater to every need, regardless of how exotic they may be.

"I'm good." I declare defensively as I sit down in one of the seats.

"Now you're here, we can finally talk."

The End

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