The saviorMature


Seven millimeters to the left, nine more upward. I calmly calculate the correct position to fire, the wind blows strongly to the west, making the shot more complex to take. 

Although the roof of the building is covered in snow, I lie there immune to the cold, my hands don't shake either since I have no need to breathe. It's hard to do, there's still the reflex to do it that remains from mortal times. 

Down there, in an alley in front of me, three men are beating up another guy, they're after the mark I've been ordered to find. He's my target, not theirs.

I press the trigger and the .50 cal bullet leaves the chamber of the rifle with a thunderous boom and a roar of flame shooting from the tip of the cannon. The recoil is impressive but it doesn't make me move an inch.

The anti-material rifle's bullet hits the large blasphemous monster that was previously a man, it hits right at the stomach level and sends a wave of blood splashing forward onto the three others. 

Vampires are fast. They can avoid bullets. But not if that bullet is faster than the sound of the gun shot. I action the bolt and the empty cartridge flies up in the air. I shoot again and this time hit the man holding my target. Right in the head, leaving a bloody pulp behind.

It's been only a handful of second but they've already begun acting, moving faster than a human can. The last guy doesn't wait for his turn before dashing away while the Bat-creature transforms back into a naked Middle Eastern man. He walks away slowly holding his punctured belly, spitting large quantities of blood.

I strap the gun back on my shoulder and jump down the five stories to the street below before running faster than the human eye could see to the target.

"Who the fuck are you...?" He grunts, trying to catch his breath.

"Someone hired to find you." I declare neutrally.

"By whom?"

"You know who. You're wounded."

"No shit jackass." He spits, metaphorically at first before spitting out actual blood.

"Drink." I say, biting my wrist open and letting thick almost black blood out.

"Don't approach me with your vile blood." He snarls.

"I wasn't asking if you wanted to. Drink, now." I command, squeezing the arm to let drops into his mouth.

He drinks a few gulps before pushing me away. "That's enough... What do you want from me? I know you aren't here to kill me, you would have already done it."

From out of my pocket, I fetch something, a small business card, before tossing it at him, dropping it next to his hand. "Go there, tonight. I'd drag you there myself, but I've got a body to dispose of. Don't force me to track you down again. You won't like it."

Without another word on my part, I grab the body and run off to find somewhere to destroy it.

The End

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