Rorik's gameMature


The first hit comes from Rorik, his booted feet ramming strait down my ribs with enough strength to broke them if I hadn't reinforced my body with blood when they jumped me. I gasp out for air due to the shock and he delivers another kick, right down my head this time. My nose explodes into a bloody, painful mess from the impact and I hear the damn bastard laughing. 

I pant hardly to catch my breath again while they give me a moment of respite. "Did Alek not have the balls to deal with me himself?"

Faster than humanly possible, Rorik run toward me and kicked my body so hard I rolled for several feet down in the snow covered ground.

"Alek, Alek, Alek! Everyone's always saying the bastard's name over and over. The son of a bitch may be the favorite of Reginvald, but I'm the one who gets things done around here. The one people seek when  they need something done! Tell you what, I'm going to take my time with you, then I'll go have some fun with that little girl of yours. I'll enjoy toying with her, making her my very own little plaything."

"You're never going to touch her you bastard, I'll kill you before you can even lay your eyes on her!" I scream, my heart pumping the blood stronger than ever.

"What are you going to do, chastise me to death?" He replies with an amused and sinister grin on his lips, showing his dropped fangs. 

Using the rush of strength brought on my the beast's fury, slowly begin to tear the tendrils holding me down apart, stretching them slightly. 

"That's very cute, half-blood. Amro, would you mind?" He comments, looking so amused by my situation.

In the corner of my vision, I can see the arabic man, Amro, change, no longer looking like a man but something else, a half-man half-bat abomination at least a head taller than me with obsidian skin and glowing red eyes. When it did, the blood links around me body got tighter, tying me down once more and this time cutting into my skin, causing an eruption of burning, sickening pain.

I shrieked out in pain and went limp on the ground once more. In my life, I'd been stabbed, shot, burned but nothing had ever compared to the feeling brought by the abomination's ability. 

"Shit... It's hopeless, I'm going to die here." I realized. 

At least Doll knew to go see JC if I didn't come back. Hopefully, I could at least keep them occupied so Doll would be able to be safe...

Rorik said something I didn't understand, most likely in Romanian, the language the older Tepes spoke, when he finished, The other white vampire walked behind me and held me up while Rorik slowly took a strait razor out. 

The blade's tip traveled across my chest with the bastard enjoying every second. He very gently put more pressure and sliced a small cut then another and another. Slowly enough so they would heal before he was done. He's trying to empty my reserve of blood, Although I don't need to drink blood, there's a certain potency in mine which accumulate with time and fade when I call upon the blood's powers...

He continued for several minutes that felt like hours until a cloud of blood filled the air, followed a split second later by a thundering boom of gunfire.

The End

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