Another morningMature


Alek took dinner with my mother and I,  she finally got to meet him and she was quite curious if a little snoopy. For once he ate with me instead of just watching. I think he had said something about eating before going to school and eating when he came home, one time. 

My mother gave us an amused smile when we went back to my room. She had always been nice, understanding and liberal with me. She let me choose my clothes, my interests, my faith, my education and never stepped in my love life, well most of the time. 

After dinner, Alek and I talked the night away, speaking quietly in my room; she probably wouldn't believe me if I told her we didn't have sex. Instead we spent the night cuddled one against the other until I fell asleep.

I stretch my arms as I lay in bed when I notice that he's gone which causes me to raise my head and brush my hair out of my eyes to sweep the room with my eyes. Although I can't see very well, I can't find any Alek shaped blur.

I reach out and grab my glasses, putting them on and look around once more. He's gone... "Smooth..." I mutter to myself.

I get up and on my feet and try to walk my way to the shower when I notice a note taped to the door. 

"I'm sorry, I had to go to an appointment and you were too cute to wake up.-Alek"

Seeing the note and the compliment made a smile form on my lips and my cheeks become red. I leave it there and go to the shower like I had intended. Like always, I linger in the shower, letting the warm water wash the night away and clearing my mind.

Once I can think more coherently, I can't help but ask myself over and over; Are Alek and I  in a relationship or was it just the emotions that over came us? The question still torment me when I get out and get dressed. 

"You know what?" I ask myself out loud. "I'll just call him."

With a lot of hesitation, I call his number but only end up on his message box. 

"Hey Alek, it's Cass, could you drop over to my place as soon as possible? I need to talk to you... I work from seven to one, in case you can't make it before that. See you later."

When I hang up, I feel my heart beating like crazy, which only make the question harder to not think about. I walk around my bedroom in circles trying to figure out what to do. After a while, I force myself to sit down and boot my laptop. 

"If I can't distract myself in this world, I'll go to another." I mumble to myself, something I tend to do quite a lot when I'm nervous... That and sleepwalk. 

Like I always do before writing, I take out my notes and carefully go over them again...

The End

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