The beginning?Mature


I fall silent for a few seconds when I realize who it is. Seeing as I don't answer, he slowly opens the door and walks in, causing me to cover myself up with my bed sheets. "Oh my god Alek, don't walk into a girl's room uninvited!"

"I knocked and you even answered. Why are you covering yourself? You're fully clothed..." He explains more confused than irritated.

"You're right..." I mumble, realizing how scrambled my thoughts are at the moment. I drop the covers down and sit on the bedside where he also sits down after a moment.

"Why are you here?" I ask, feeling my heart pounding.

"Your mother needed some help dealing with you." He exclaims amused. "I think I might have become her back up weapon."

The comment makes me smile a little, pushing all the worries away for an instant. 

"What's the problem Cassandra?"

I fall down on my back and look at the ceiling. "It's Nathan... I just can't help but think it's all my fault... That he dropped out and vanished. It's like I did something wrong. And then, there's you... You've been so distant with me all week."

In the corner of my eyes, I see him look down for a second before gazing back toward me. "It's not your fault, I'm sure of it. It must be something personal that caused him to leave like this."

"Alek... Do you have something against me because of what might have happened that night?"

"I-- No, I couldn't hold it against you, even if something did happen. It wouldn't be human for me to do that to you..."

Slowly, I sit back and looked at him, right in the eyes, only a few inches away from him. "Be honest, do you have a crush on me?"

Once more, he looked down, an almost pained expression appearing on his face, twisting his smile into something imprinted with melancholy. He swallows his saliva, just like he's forcing himself to hold back an old painful scar from rushing back to mind. When he raise his eyes up to me again, his lips begin to form words but sound doesn't have time to leave his throat.

Gently, my lips reach his. Shutting him up with a small, shy kiss. "Yon don't even need to speak for me to hear the answer. But there's something holding you back isn't there?"

Instead of speaking, he merely nods in answer, his eyes growing distant and full of misery. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and lay down my head on his shoulder, whispering; "Why don't you stay here tonight? I think we both need the company."

"I think you're right..." He acknowledge in a low tone. 

He looks back at me, right in the eye and this time, it's him that reaches for my lips. "Thank you Cassandra..." he whisper softly once we break off from the slow, but drawn out kiss.

The End

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