Without having taken the time to eat, Nathan and I headed to class, arriving five minutes late into the lecture room. The teacher give us an annoyed glance before motioning for us to get a seat.

Without looking, I take the first one available and sit there next to a ditzy looking chick that doesn't even look up from her cellphone to look at me. The class goes by rather fast as I'm lost in my own head. The same thing happens in the last class of the day. I should be paying attention, but my thoughts can't seem to stop for a second.

As I'm walking home, I see a very familiar car park right next to me with the driver stepping out of it.

"Hello Alek. I saw you weren't in school today."

"Where the hell were you?" He ask roughly.

"What are you upset about?" I ask back, rather startled by the question.

"You disappeared, your cellphone didn't have any connection to local network and then you came back late. Your mother called me, she was in a panic." He explains.

He steps toward me his eyes filled with irritation. "You smell like alcohol and... Him. You spent the night with him didn't you?"

"What? No! Well, kind of, I just got drunk and passed out on the couch... He lent me some clothes so I could get home."

"I see..." He notes, disappointed. "I thought we had something..." He then drops turning back to his car.


"What is it?"

"I know what you are."

He doesn't answer but i know his curiosity's been piqued.

"You're a vampire. A vampire of house Tepes." I claim with as much confidence as I can muster.

"Get in the car." He says turning toward me and his eyes locking into mine. When he does so, I can see a fleck of red lighten his eyes. My body starts moving my itself and slowly walks toward the passenger seat.

"What are you doing?" I ask him accusingly.

"Where's going to have a nice little chat. And you don't have the option to refuse." He states as we speed off. I ask several questions but he doesn't answer any of them. Finally after an eternity of silence, he park at the end of a road, overlooking the St. Lawrence shore.

"I'm going to ask nicely, Where did you learn about this?" He says this staring in my eyes with his now blood red ones.

I take a second before answering, trying to find the right answer. "Some weirdo at your party, was dressed like a Biker and called himself shadow."

He keeps his gaze locked into mine and ask another question. "What do you know about us?"

"Your abilities, the most basic of your history, the fact there are multiple types of vampires."

"Is your book in anyway tied to this?"

"No, I hadn't had a clue when I began writing it..."

He sighs loudly before announcing. "You've said the truth, but our laws are very strict. Humans cannot be aware of our existence. Even I can't go against this commandment."

"You're going to kill me?"

"No..." He looks behind at the shore and declares; "I could transform you into one of us or erase your memories."

"I could be one of you?" I reluctantly ask him.

"Yes, but it won't happen. You'll wake up in your bed tomorrow, today will have been nothing but a distant dream..."


"Didn't I tell you we had something? The best gift I can do to you is make you forget, what you know will haunt you forever... Literally if you become one of my kind."

"But don't I get a--"

Before I can finish me sentence, he walks up to me and whispers "I'm sorry..."

Without warning, my limbs begin to feel numb and I collapse on the ground with my eyes closing...

The End

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