The following morningMature


My head... Ouch... Silently, I moan in pain as I lay in bed, face buried into a pillow. I can't remember much of last night beside the whole talk with Nathan and then getting booze. A LOT of booze.

I remain laying and whimpering for a long while until something obvious hits me like a sledge hammer to the chest. This, isn't my bed and I'm only in my underwear...

I jump up from bed and looks at the unknown room around me. "I must be dreaming." I mutter to myself before answering "No... If this was a dream, I wouldn't have a fucking head ache..."

There's not really anything of notice inside the bedroom, it's rather spartan with very few furniture beyond the bed and a drawer, with no decorations on the wall or anywhere else. In the next room, I can hear someone speaking in a low tone but without anyone answering. 

I walk stealthily to the door just as someone opens it, shining the light of the main room into the dimly lit bedroom and strait into my poor eyes.

"Gah!" I scream, using my hand to protect myself, with the same reaction a vampire would have to the sun.

"You're awake." Nathan notes aloud.

"What am I doing here and why am I naked?" I ask, accusingly as I try covering myself up. 

"You don't remember?"

I shake my head and he sigh laying his face into his palm. "You asked for a drink and ended up drinking everything I had..."

"That doesn't explain why I'm half naked."

"You spilled half of it over yourself as well as the floor and the table."

"Oh... Wait... Did we..?"

He sigh, "As tempting as it was, no, nothing happened. I just took your clothes and washed them."

"It was tempting?" I comment surprised. I'm not exactly the definition of sexy, I wouldn't say I'm fat, but I'm a bit round and with the milky white skin, the freckles and glasses I wouldn't say I look good either.

"I'm being honest to you, you've seen how I am."

"Yeah..." I say, looking down feeling quite embarrassed by the whole situation. "What time is it?"

"Six, PM. If you want to go to school, we can catch the last two periods." He says just as he hands me a bag. "The jeans are clean, but the white shirt's a disaster, I couldn't get the stains out of it, just take one of mine. Don't worry, they're clean. So you won't smell like a guy."

I thank him and close the door, getting dressed back up in my pants of the previous night and I pick a shirt at random from his stuff. His frame is bigger than me so it ends up being really baggy but it's better than nothing.

When I take the shirt out, I surprise myself smelling it. I redden badly when I notice what I'm doing but at least the shirt just ended up smelling like the fabric softener Nathan use rather than him.

"Do vampires have sex powers or am I just feeling lonely?" I ask myself barely above a whisper.

The End

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