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After a few minutes, I takes a few deep breaths and look up, his iris having changed from brown to blood red. I hold a gasp and steps back by reflex, the one that tells you to run away from a predator.

Ignoring the urge to cower like an animal, I sit back down in front of Nathan and he begin explaining. "One thing you should learn is that just like the body, the undead's mind does not degrade with age. Memories and feelings remain fresh like they have just happened. This isn't helped by this fact: We're creatures of profound desires... We want everything and will never accept no for an answer."

"Why are you saying we? You aren't one of them." I say, trying to comfort him more than anything.

"You're right, I'm worse than the bastards. They've lost their needs for human concerns, I haven't. But I have their hunger and temper."

"I know we haven't known each other for long, but I know you aren't a bad guy Nate."

He laugh dryly before spitting out; "You don't know how stupid what you've just said is..."

I'm about to open my mouth when he lunges at me faster than my eyes can register. In a short, very confusing split second, I find myself on the floor pinned there by Nathan's freakishly strong arms. He painfully hold me in place and he comes whisper to my ear.

"Don't assume that because I haven't done things I don't crave them, that I don't feel a burning horrible hunger inside of me wailing to be satisfied. The hunger is there, it never stops, I can only force myself to shut it out despite the pain it brings me..."

I try to answer but the weight he presses down on me prevent air from escaping my throat, my lungs burning as they request more air. I struggle to get free and finally he let go, standing back up.

I slowly get back to my feet after catching a breath and I notice he's biting his arm, blood dripping down from it...

"Oh my god Nathan..." 

He let go and more blood flows down on the ground, forming a small pool at his feet. "Pain is one of the things that let me keep the metaphorical beast in chains, so does raw flesh and blood..."

"Shut up, we've got to take care of the wound idiot!" I yell back, despite what just happened, I can't stand to see someone in pain...

"Relax." He just states calmly as I approach him with a clean kitchen rag. Instead of letting me take care of it, he just grunts while his face is twisted by the effort. After a second, the nasty wound begin to heal itself, closing shut and not even leaving a scar.

"Woah..." I exclaim, dropping the rag in surprise. "You can do that?"

He nods and use the rag that now lies on the floor to clean up the mess. "That and much more. It's one of the abilities I have that was granted to me by my parent."

"Your parent?"

"The vampire who's blood flow through me. Sit down, I'll explain it all to you."

The End

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