Vampires don't decay. They remain just like they were when they died. When they go to sleep, their wounds heal without leaving new scars, new tattoos would fade, Cut hair would grow back. Short of dismemberment, it will heal in no time.

This also affect their mind, memories don't decay, feelings remain and they do so just like they were fresh. This is why vampires are often bitter, sociopathic and shallow to full fill their desires. I might not be a full vampire, but it still affects me all the same...


December 17th, seven at night in downtown. The air smelled of gasoline and garbage. A dead dog lies in the alley in which I stand, right next to me, emptied of his blood, there's no apparent wound to be found.

Someone has been feeding on animals and the homeless. Nobody was killed but one was brought to the hospital, he had mysteriously lost a lot of blood but couldn't remember how.

Vampires don't kill people every time they feed, in fact, they do that very rarely but in the end, they always fuck up. When that happen, I step in. That's what I do, I find the bastards and kill them.

The tracks in the snow are fresh and easily follow-able. God bless snow storms, they make my job so much easier. I'm about to begin following them when the sounds of foot step and hard breathing comes to my ear. I take a sniff in the air and notice the smell of fear.

Hurriedly, a small silhouette rush the corner and bumb strait into me. The person is a little girl with white hair wearing nothing but a pajama and shoes. After hitting me, she fall down on her butt and the fear in her eyes is worth a thousand words. Using her arms, she shelter herself from me despite the fact that I'm just standing there...

"Are you alright little girl?" I ask her, trying to quell the vampire blood's innate predatory hunger. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Although she doesn't answer, I continue talking, trying to get her to speak. After a few sentences, she finally lower her arms and look at me, a tiny shred of relief in her eyes.

"There she is!" Came a man's voice from the entrance of the alleyway. 

Two man in coats slowly walked toward us and instinctively, I placed myself in their way. 

"Who are you? Why are you looking for her?"

"Out of the way kid, she's one of our patient at the mental hospital." One of them said, his town aggressive and commanding.

Another sniff of the air gave me more information, thanks to the blood fueling my senses to extreme levels. I smelled many things: Sweat, fear, the deodorant they wore but the most important thing was blood... 

It came from the little girl behind me, she was wounded... Another glance at the carefully approaching men gave me the last information I needed. There was this glint in their eyes, the one I had seen so many times in the eyes of the vermin I hunted.

They weren't orderlies, nurses or doctors. They were predators...

But so was I. I gave them a sadistic smile before pouncing...



The End

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