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"So, you wanted to talk about vampires eh?" Nathan declares with a condescending tone.

"Where you serious the other day?" I reply to him.

Instead of answering, he goes to the nearby fridge and a second later comes back with something in his hand. He opens it, revealing a clove of garlic.

"Eat it."

"Are you serious?"

"Deadly so."

Hesitantly, I take it and chew the foul thing until he tell me I can stop to which I go spit it out in the trashcan. 

"What the hell was that for? There better be a good explanation."

"Myths have it wrong when they say garlic repel vampires, but they're close. What it actually repel is the power over the mind they posses."

"And by power you mean mind control?"

"Depends on the vampire's age. Younger ones can instill false emotions or repress them, later they begin to be able to alter memories and desires. Those that are truly ancient can do much worse..."

"How... How do you know this stuff? Are you a vampire?"

"No, but I'm something close; A Dhampir.

People say you are what you eat and with vampires it apply well. If you drink their blood, you'll gain some of their abilities for a while. You'll need regular doses. I on the other hand, was fed some while my mother was pregnant so my body naturally create the stuff.

You wouldn't know by how I look, but I hit the age of forty-one three months ago. I age at roughly half the speed you do."

I stand there, somewhat stunned by what he says. Any time, I would have chalked his words as bull crap, but after last night... Beside, his eyes don't lie... I can see so much bitterness and regrets in them.

"What about her?" I ask, looking at his sister.

"She's not my real sister." He admits before looking at the girl who now frowns. "I mean my biological sister." He then correct himself, drawing the shadow of a smile on Doll's face. "I adopted her, she was in a mental home and had ran away... I crossed her path while she was hiding from a search team..."

As he continue that sentence, the light in his eyes darkens and light flecks of red form in his iris. "She was malnourished, wounded and freezing... I don't know what they did but it wasn't pretty..."

As his eyes tear up, the little girl wraps her arms around him, squeezing tightly. For maybe a minute, he cried a bit and she held on while I ran my hand across his shoulder.

The End

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