Meeting with NathanMature


After a brief breakfast of coffee, toasts and coffee, I launch a call to Nathan who tell me to show up at his place in an hour. 

Still hung over because of last night, I stumble back into my room to get clothes when I notice the necklace Alek gave me. I forgot to give it back before I left... Although a good deal of it is a haze to me at the moment, I remember that last night was nice... I also remember making out and doing embarrassing confessions...

But despite the alcohol, the shadow man's words are still fresh and clear to my head. I really wonder who that man was, he just disappeared. I didn't see him for the rest of the night... He couldn't have been a product of my imagination, right?

Anyway, after getting dressed in something baggy, comfy and boyish, maybe in subconscious payback for last night's dress and heels, I head out for Nathan's house. Montreal north, isn't the best place for a girl to be hanging out, there's a lot of gangs, people aren't very watchful and the cops have shown to be less than nice in their application of the law in the past...

But I'm guessing if someone want to disappear, it would be a good place. This is the feeling I've got about Nathan, he's hiding things. He come to school but he doesn't really seem interested in it or anyone there beside me and Alek.

When I arrive at the front door, I knock on it and a minute later Nathans open the door, letting me in. "Good afternoon." I says letting out a shiver.

"Afternoon." He replies walking up the stairs to his second story apartment. The inside of which is very rudimentary and rather gray. 

"Hey there, Doll, right?" I say upon seeing his sister sitting at the table that throne in the center of the room. 

She nods and waves at me for a greeting.

"Don't mind her, she rarely talk." Nathan informs me.

"Shouldn't she be in school?" I ask with a degree of hesitation.

"She doesn't go to school, she doesn't really fit in and can't keep up."

"Poor girl..." I mutter. I move my hand to caress her very long and inexplicably white hair when she jerks back. I look into her eyes as she do and notice she looks legitimately afraid.

"She doesn't like physical contact either." Nathan confirms as he takes her in his arms whispering. "It's alright, Cass is a nice girl. You can trust her."

"Your sister is very particular..." I note rather stupidly.

"But I wouldn't have her any other way." He says with a wide smile.

He must really love her, they're rather cute together...

The End

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