Wake up callMature


I open my eyes to the sound of my phone's ringtone. Outside the blind, it's still daylight and my body feel sluggish, another side effect of the tainted blood coursing through my veins. Lazily, I extend my arm and after a few try manage to grab the noisy thing.

"Nathan." I mumble, still half-asleep.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you up? It's Cass."

"It's alright, good morning by the way." I reply still half mumbling.

"As you can see, I'm still alive." She notes humorously. 

"Well, I can hear it." I comment back. "Why did you call? I thought you didn't want to see me anymore."

"Vampires." She says after a second or two.

"What about them?"

"Exactly, what do you know about vampires? Or were you just saying bullshit to me the other day?"

"Not over the phone." I firmly declare before giving her my address. "Come to my place, we'll talk."

When she hangs up, I drag myself out of bed and into the cold shower. After washing the night away under the frigid water, a sign Doll already passed in here today, I look myself up in the mirror. I look the same as usual, with the vampiric blood I posses, I change very slowly if at all, meaning I only need to shave once in a blue moon and even in adolescence, things like pimples were alien to me.

"Good morning sweet heart." I say when I come out of the bathroom as I see Doll sitting at the table drawing things like she always do.

"Do you want pancakes?" I offer her to which she nods a yes.

I begin preparing breakfast absently as my mind wander to Cass' words. If she's asking, she must have seen something yesterday... But I wonder what. If she did, she kept it quiet since she would have been brainwashed otherwise.

"What are you drawing today?" I ask my little sister as I serve her food along with a glass of milk and maple syrup.

Instead of saying, she just hands me the piece which I almost drop upon seeing it. Despite never having taken any form of classes, Doll can draw things very realistically and this time, she pictured Cass and Alek kissing in the middle of a crowd of monsters.

"Sometimes, I wish I knew how you know all this stuff..." I mutter to her.

In answer, she merely shrugs between two bites of food as she hums something unintelligible. I use the moment to gather my thoughts about what must have happened until I feel Doll's arms wrap around me and hugging me. 

I smile down at her and kiss her nose. Every time I'm worried about something, she displays affection to reassure me. Sometimes, I'm not sure who's supposed to be taking care of who...

The End

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