Piecing the puzzle together.Mature


I don't know how long I spent in the bathroom but it seems like a lot. The words of the man who called himself shadow still resonate in my head, like a splinter into my mind...

Something I've seen but yet I missed it... Reconsider what is and what isn't. It sounds so crazy and nonsensical, but something in me can't just forget the words...

"Cassandra? Are you alright?" Alek asks when I walk closer to him.

"I... I'm... fine..." I mutters 

Alek speaks with me, trying to hold a conversation but my thoughts wander away, into yesterday.

"Alek or at least his family is dangerous, very dangerous. You really shouldn't go there." comes the phantomatic voice of Nathan...

Danger... My memory then fast forward to earlier this evening, despite the haze clouding my memory, I review the feelings that took control of my when Rorik touched me.

"Stay in the dark so what lurks in it cannot find you." It's now these words that add to the puzzle. What exactly lurks in the darkness? Reconsider what is and what isn't...

Nathan warned me, they're dangerous. They're... vampires? But these are just myth, if they were real, we would know, especially with all the technology we have now.

"It's all a lie, everything is a lie."

Are myth a lie? Or is it that myths being only that the lie?

My eyes turn to Alek, who's standing next to me looking concerned. How could he be a vampire? He walked in the sunlight with me, he doesn't have fangs, he looks normal if a little pasty. But he doesn't eat, doesn't drink, he says he's got a heart condition yet he's in perfect physical form... 

But what do I know about vampires beyond fiction? 

How could I find more? I could ask, but who? Asking Alek would be suspicious and trigger alarms if he was one... How much does Nathan know? What about the shadow man?

I sigh out loud. So much questions but no answers to any of them. "I need a drink." I say looking at Alek. "Can you get me something?"

He nods and smile at me before walking to the bar I hadn't even noticed until now. While he does so, I look around at everyone in the room. He said I had a lot of guts coming here... Am I the only human in the place?

After a minute or two, Alek comes back with a cocktail in hand. "Thank you." I say as he hands it to me. I don't waste time drinking it and just chug it down in one go. 

"How about a dance, Alek? I need to get my mind distracted."

"With pleasure." he says sweetly, taking my hand and leading me to the dance floor.

The End

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