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Once the girl that accompanied him leaves, I walk over to the boss. Surprisingly, he recognize me despite the fact I'm dressed casually. It must be my body shape. At 6'8'', I'm easy to spot.

"Good evening John."

"Hey boss."

"Don't call me that here. Alek will do." He says whispering.

"Noted. Why did you invite me here?"

"So you could get the chance to know the players around here." He then points subtly at a group of bikers. "These are the Blood Pack, Loup-Garous." Then to three men dressed differently yet flashily "These three are from the Scarlet Circle, they're magicians."

He then continue, giving me a rundown of all the groups. The Gothic looking ladies and gents are the emissaries of the dark court, while the woman in the red and gold is from the light court. Both are fae.

When he's done, I know everyone; fairies, vampires, fallens, magicians, changelings, ghouls, blackbloods and a dragon, looking like a teen, that hijacked the stage band...

In the end, there's one thing clear; There isn't a single human amongst us.

"What is this party exactly?" I whispers.

"We are going to renegotiate our alliances and pacts tonight. With so much supernatural beings in the city, politics is necessary to keep the peace. The last time, the Seelie court hosted the gathering. This year, we are.

"So this is the work of house Tepes eh?"

"Our kind has suffered enough during the inquisition. If we fight openly, we only risk pulling a repeat of it but this time, mankind is better equipped to deal with us."

"I see..."

"How long did you stay with your native chapter?"

"Those that sired me? A month."

"If you had stayed longer, you would know all of this."

"I couldn't forgive these bastards for screwing my life up." I reply, holding back a snarl.

"Few of us do, but we oblige regardless." He replies in an emotionless fashion. "Do you hate your condition John?"

"I... I can't say..." I avow after a long moment of silence. "The girl you were with earlier, who was she?"

"Just a human girl."

"You brought a human here?" I exclaim louder than I should. It's a good thing the band is playing loud enough to cover our conversation.

"I had to see what she knew. Apparently, she doesn't suspect anything..."

"Is she the one who wrote the book you spoke of?"

"Yes..." He mutters his eyes looking distant. "If you need to feed, the servants with the red ribbons around the neck are here for that. They won't ask questions but take them somewhere private." He says changing the subject.

Getting the clue, I walk away slowly. Something me be on his mind...

The End

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