The party startMature


After about twenty minutes, the guest began to arrive in small diverse group. Although this is supposed to be some kind of black tie even, Goths, Bikers, and many different styles comes in. 

"Why are we so formal if most of these guys aren't?" I ask to Alek, feeling kind of irritated.

"Because we're the hosts obviously." He says, looking at me like I just said something weird.

After all of those that are here arrive and Alek's father Reginald greets them, he bring everyone to the ballroom. Which is of course larger than my entire apartment... 

"Can I get you something?" Alek offers motioning to the nearby buffet.

"I can get it myself, but thanks."

I walk toward the place, getting myself a glass of punch and eating a few of the hors d'oeuvres. I'm about to walk back to Alek when another man walks up to me and speak softly, plunging his deep blue eyes into mine.

"What do we have here, a beautiful young damsel gracing us with her presence?"

His voices is charming and I feel my torso getting warmer and my breath shorter...Why am reacting like this? It was just a compliment... 

"You looked so all alone so I thought I would offer you some company." He propose as he takes my hand. "After all, one should not left one such as you alone."

I'm about to follow him when I feel another hand on my arm. "She's with me Rorik." Alek claims possessively.. The stranger holding my hand let go and for a second, I feel dizzy.

"Are you alright Cassandra?" My friend ask once Rorik leaves.

"Alek... we're not dating, I can speak to other men..." I say, my head still feeling weird.

"I know but you don't want to be near him... He's a real parasite when it comes to women."

I take a deep breath and chug down the drink I got earlier. "And yeah, I'm alright... Just dizzy. I might have a cold or something..."

"Be careful, alright?"

"I'm going to be ok." I say to reassure him. It's not like there's anything that could happen to me here.

"Do you want to dance?" He suggest after a few seconds of silence.

"I need to go to the bathroom... I'll be back in a minute." I mumble back.

He nods and point me in the right direction. With that, I leave him there to go freshen up a bit.

The End

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