At Alek'sMature


Just as planned, Alek picked me up at six from my home. His house is actually quite far from school... Although house would be an inappropriate designation. Even mansion seems light.

"You live here?" I exclaim stunned.

"Technically I have an apartment not extremely far from school. But yes, my family lives here." He explains.

Slowly, the car passes through the front yard, which in itself is about as big as our school alone, passing by sculptures in the hay as well as stone ones, each probably worth more than what my mother and I make in a year...

I really don't know if I should be happy to be here or disgusted by the luxury of the place... and we haven't even entered the house proper. After pulling over and parking, Alek guides me inside up a half dozen stairs to the mansion.

"The guests will arrive in less than an hour. It'll give us time to get ready."

I arches an eyebrow as we walk to the second floor and into one of the many, many rooms. It seems to be a bedroom.

"Are you giving me a preview of where you plan on taking me tonight?" I comment mockingly. 

"Do you plan on ending here when the night is over?" He simply ask back.

"I don't."

"Then, so do I." He says smiling as he removes his shirt, revealing his chest.

"Woah, are things going to go X-rated here?" I blurp out in surprise, although I don't bother to look away. He doesn't stay half naked for long anyway.

"No, I simply need to change shirt. My apologies, I should have told you." 

He puts on a three piece suit rather than the usual button shirts he usually wear. "How do I look?" He ask me seeing as there's no mirror in the room.

"Well... Good." I confirm, trying to think of his clothes and not his previously bare torso.

"Alright. I've got something for you..." He announce cryptically. "Turn around for a second."

Without asking questions, I do and his hands pass around me neck and tied something there.

"You are not giving me this!" I say when I see the necklace he put around my neck, a golden chain with emeralds...

"It's just for the night. Buuut you can keep it if you want once the night's over." He say and then suggest.

"Fine." I sigh out.


The End

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