A warningMature


After a while, I finally hit my break so I sit down in front of Nathan and next to the young girl. 

"So, what did you want to talk to me about that couldn't wait for Monday or that you didn't just phone me about?"

He leans close to me and whispers so nobody can hear. "Don't go with Alek to that party tomorrow" he says very seriously.

"Oh Christ... Are you getting jealous again? I told you there's nothing going on between You, Alek and I. We're friends, we're not dating and we're not having sex. Is that clear?"

He sighs before adding; "This has nothing to do with what goes in doesn't go in your pants. I don't have all the details, but Alek or at least his family is dangerous, very dangerous. You really shouldn't go there."

"What are you going to say next, that they're vampires?"

"Well... yeah..."

"Ok, I've had enough of this, if you want to hang out with me, you can just ask.

You don't have to try ruining my friendship with other people, Alek is a really sweet guy despite his flaws, maybe you should drop the macho bullshit and talk with him instead.

Until you can act like an adult and not like a possessive horny teenager, don't call me." 

I don't let the time for him to respond, I get up and declare. "I finish in an hour. If you're still here or you try to follow me, I'll call the cops." With that, I return to work. When I see that his table is clear, I clean it up and count the tip...

"A hundred... Is he trying to bribe me?" I mumble angrily. I ponder for a minute whether or not to take it but finally I grab it. I can't spit on the money, but it doesn't change anything about what I said and what I think.

The End

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