The last class of the evening was really quiet with both Nathan and Alek absent. Although the class is interesting, I can't seem to focus on it, my mind drifting back to Nathan's behavior. I didn't think he's react that badly...

I sigh and mumbles to myself. "He must really like me..."

And for once I thought I could hang around guys without them being attracted to me or being gay... So much for Girl-Boy friendship. I admit, both are kind of cute, but I'm not interested in a relationship... Things are already too complicated.

I'm walking across the parking toward the nearest bus stop when a very familiar Camaro stops next to me, the driver slowly getting out.

"You're kind of late you know." I mock him.

"I know, I had to take the day off. Family matters." Alek responds.

"What are you doing here at this hour?"

"Well, I didn't give you your book back and I figured you could use a lift." He says innocently.

He's right, the temperature must be at least twenty-five below zero, not counting the freezing wind.

I walk to the passenger seat and like last time, he holds the door open for me. "I'm a big girl you know. I can do it myself."

"And I fancy myself a gentleman, so I insist."

I shrug and just get inside. I know some women would take offence but I really couldn't care less. He's just being polite if a bit old fashioned. And I admit I kind of like that, a lot of guys I've hung out with could use a lesson in proper manners.

"Strait to your house or do you want to do something?" He asks me when he sits down behind the wheel.

"Sorry, I've got work in an hour so I need to be home to change." I apologize.

"Alright. Can I ask you something?"


"Are you free Saturday night?"

My heart skip a beat as the question sink in. "Are... Are you asking me out?"

He smile and responds "Not exactly. My family's hosting a party and I figured I could use someone to talk to. These things can get quite tedious."

"I guess I can free myself from any obligation." I say like I really had anything planned. "What am I supposed to wear?"

He takes one look at me as we hit a read light before declaring; "Not that there's anything wrong with your clothing style, but we'll need to get you something a bit more... Formal."

Translation; A dress... Something I have a deep rooted aversion to. Jeans and tees are way too comfortable for me to give up...

"I don't really have anything." I remark.

"We'll get you something." He replies with a grin.

"I hate getting charity..."

"I'm dragging you into this, you shouldn't have to pay for it."

I grumble inaudibly before stating rather than asking; "You're not going to take no for an answer are you?"

"Never." He replies with a cocky grin that makes me want to smash his head on the dashboard...

The End

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