"Have you seen Alek today?" I ask Cass as the day is wrapping up.

"I didn't see him all day so I called, his phone's closed. I left a message but he didn't answer." She says back to me as we leave the lecture room for lunch.

"You two are pretty close, right?"

She stops and look at me strait in the eyes. "Are you asking if I'm dating him?"

"Are you? I mean I saw you two leaving in the same car a few days ago."

She sigh noisily and rolls her eyes. "We aren't. He's just a friend."

"Did you go on a date with him?"

"No!" She exclaim loudly before adding "Well... Kind of... sort of. It was between friend. Nothing romantic." 

"Oh, I see. So nothing happened?"

She reddens slightly when I ask that. "Why are you so interested in knowing?" She then defend herself.

Shit... I can't tell her I'm suspecting Alek to be a murderous blood-drinker that has people assassinated... What exactly can I say? I toss a few lies around in my head for several seconds of atrociously grating silence.

Before I can find what to say, she stops dead in the middle of the corridor and look at me with a piercing stare. "Ok, look; Yes, I am single but I'm here at College to learn, not find people to get into my pants alright? Can we just be friends and not play the dating game?"

That hadn't actually crossed my mind, I mean, she's kind of cute in that nerd girl kind of way, but sex hasn't been on my priority list since I was a teen, well, 25ish.

"Alright. That's cool with me." I say semi-awkwardly. 

"Thanks" She says kissing my cheek. "That's as much as you're getting."

Although there's not much to it, the brief contact and proximity is enough to wake the beast in my mind, making it cry for me to fulfill it's basic desires.

"Hey Cass, I'm not feeling too well so I'll take the last class of." I say as we get inside the cafeteria.

"Eh... Alright... Take care of yourself."

When she can no longer sees me, I run away, sprinting to get out of the crowded building and into the cold night. Vampires are lucky, they lose most of their impulse and needs; Food, sex, drinks and other needs go away and are replaced with a need for blood. Dhampirs keep all those and also crave the warm liquid that pumps in the veins of others...

In a state of mental panic and severe confusion, I stumble into a grocery shop, making my way to the butcher shop. After picking a few pieces, I disappear faster than a man can run, displaying powers in a public place is the perfect way to get burned at the stakes but I can barely think strait...

After a minute, I limply crumble down in an alley and rips the raw steaks from their packaging. Like an animal, I rips them with me teeth and devour them raw. For once, the food goes down smoothly. My mind is disgusted by the act but my body feels blissful.

After several minutes, I'm left on the ground, bloodied and panting severely, my mind slowly calming and the haze clouding my judgement clears...

Disgusted by my own behavior, I walk home at a snail's pace, using the alley so I'm not seen like this...

The End

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