With my partner dead, I had to rethink my strategies. The presence of supernatural beings is higher here than anywhere else I've operated in the last two decades. People are better equipped to fight vampires. 

And it's not just vampires either, in the two weeks I've spent gathering contacts, I've learned a lot about what else shares the night with my kind. Things you wouldn't even imagine... No more knives and small arms. I'm going all out with anti-material riffles and swords. 

Just as I walk out of my hideout, my phone vibrates. When I check it, it's the boss that's calling.

"Good." I mutters to myself. "I'm almost out of cash..."

Like always, we meet in a neutral spot which always change so we don't end up on surveillance. This time, it's a train station. 

"Good day Mr. Johnson." I say as I sit down next to him. Mr. Johnson is the code word for client we use. 

"I've got a new Job for you." He says, not lifting his eyes from the book he's reading.

"I'm listening."

"It's not on your usual work list, but I need you to set up surveillance on a building." He says, handing me an envelope which contains the location and a picture of a man as well as some documents. "Next, I want you to dig some info on this man."

"Nathan Brooks." I say, reading the name under the picture.

"The records files I've seen seems legit but my intuition says otherwise. Find everything you can. I need to know who and more importantly, what he is."

He then gets up and walk away slowly. "Money's in the postal case included in the package."

I nod and leave using another exit. The job's not exactly my kind of thing but I can't spit on the cash if I want to survive the next few nights...

The End

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