Early at SchoolMature


It's been about two week since I went out with Alek. Things have been pretty normal, Nathan doesn't need me anymore, but he stuck around. He's reserved but ultimately a nice guy. As for Alek, there's no development between the two of us. He's a good friend and he reads my stories when ever I write more.

But I wonder if there's something between those two... They've been shooting silent glares at each other all week. Oh dear god... Please don't have them silently fighting over me... I really don't want a love triangle in my life...

"So, when are you going to present me the gorgeous guy from the other day." My mom asks, taking me out of my reflection and also making me jump to the roof in surprise.

"Say what?" I ask seriously startled.

"Your boyfriend, when are you going to let me meet him?"

"He's not my boyfriend... Just a friend..." I mumble, my face red like a tomato.

"Girls always say that." She declares mockingly.

"Oh come on, I'm not a bumbling teen anymore, I'm almost nineteen. There's nothing going on between us."

"You're getting all kind of worked up dear, you should just ask him out."

"Oh jeez..." I grumble. "Aren't mothers supposed to be against their daughters pick boys up?"

"Yes, but you are an adult now."

"Why do you want me to get a guy so bad, are you afraid I'm going to turn into a lesbian because of isolation or what?" I comment, not that I've never... experimented...

I don't let her time to answer before I grab my stuff and head out. "I need to go." I declare abruptly slamming the door behind...

Ok... I admit I might be getting a bit worked up about this. I prefer not to rely on other, my last boyfriend was at 14 and after that nothing until now. 

When I arrive to school, it's so early the class is empty except for Nathan and Mr. Lincoln who are talking at his desk. They don't seem to notice me so I come closer.

"What did you find?" I hear Nate ask lowly.

"Nothing yet I-- Good Afternoon Cass." The professor says, interrupting his sentence halfway through to greet me.

"Afternoon, Nathan, Mr. Lincoln."

"Please, call me J.C."

"Alright Mr.-- J.C. Am I interrupting?"

"No, we were just talking about computer science." He replies.

"If I may ask, everyone know you have a doctorate in computer science and that you're a genius about it. Why did you choose to teach philosophy instead?" I ask, rather curious to know since there are a lot of rumors concerning Mr. Lincoln, I mean J.C.

He smile at me before answering. "Because with computer, we can create physical wonders. " He then comes toward me and pokes me right in between the eyes. "With philosophy you can create mental ones."

"I see..." I say as he slowly draws his finger back from my personal space.

"Alright, you two should get to your seat, Class is going to start soon."

The End

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