Going outMature


Once the boys are done with their little showing off contest, Nathan walks off into the locker rooms while Alek and I grab our stuff and leave. The day's over so I don't have to babysit him. 

"Did you think of anything?" Alek asks me once we step out of the college facility. 

"I don't know, want to go watch a movie?" I suggest.

"That's fine with me. Do you have a car?"

"I don't." I say, not admitting that there's no way I can afford one.

"Alright then. We'll use mine." 

He leads us to the parking where a black muscle car awaits, I recognize the Chevrolet logo but I have no clue what it is beyond that but it does look like an antique...

"That's yours?" I ask surprised.

"It is. It's been in my family for decades. We have others but I prefer this model over the others."

"Wow... You must be pretty well off..." I stupidly comment.

He looks at me for a second before confirming. "We are... Although money's never been one of my priorities." He states as he open the door for me like an old school gentleman.

"Oh, thanks." I  say as I sit down on the passenger seat.

He begins driving just as I ask him; "What does your family do?"

"We're into business..." He comments reluctantly.

"Are you with the mob or something?" I poke him with.

"No... It's not like that. We just have a lot of interests." He replies looking a bit uncomfortable.

I seriously hope he's saying the truth... An uncomfortable silence settles down for a few minutes until we reach the closest theater.

"What do you want to watch?" He ask turning toward me as we get in line.

"How about that?" I propose pointing at the poster of a slasher-horror flick which makes him display a perplexed look. "Were you expecting me to pick a sappy romance story?"

"That's usually how it go with most girls." He admits smirking.

"I'm not most girls." I say, jabbing him in the rib playfully.

After getting the tickets, popcorn, drinks and all that stuff, we both sit down in the mostly empty room, except us, there must be only about a dozen people in the audience. The movie goes down pretty fast and well as he and I whisper jokes at each others, mocking the admittedly very cheesy film I picked.

"You have an interesting way to watch movies." He comment as we walk out.

"Yeah, most people want to kill me when I do that with them." I admit with a grin.

"I prefer it your way. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, I am." I say as my stomach grumble despite the mountain of popcorn I've ingested. 

At my request, he pulls us over at a subway where I pick a veggie sub to offset the overdose of pseudo-butter from earlier.

"You don't have to pay for everything you know." I say as he shell out the money to pay for dinner. 

"I insist, beside, I could buy the restaurant if I wanted to."

"Aren't you ordering something?" I ask just before I take the first bite of my sub.

"Nah, I'm not hungry."

I shrug and devour my dinner faster than what could be considered lady-like. When I'm done, he drives me back home, parking his car in front of the apartment and getting out with me and escorting me the whole 5 meters to the door.

I turn to him and play fully say. "Sorry, never on the first date."

"It wasn't my intention." He defend himself as he take my hand, gently deposing a kiss on it, making me blush more than if he had just kissed me outright. "Goodnight Cassandra."

With that, he walks back to his car and drives away after waving goodbye...

The End

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