There's a storm raging as I walk home. It's not the weather but my mind. The feelings of the day are as fresh as new and it hurts. I'm tired and hungry... But it's not food I crave. I'm human, but not entirely...

I don't know how or why, but in the womb, I was feed the tainted blood of vampires, it changed who I was going to become. I'm 41 yet I only look half as old. I eat human food but it always feel like rocks in my stomach. I can walk in sunlight but prefer the night. And worst of all, I crave the same thing they do; Blood.

When I get home, Doll's waiting on the steps that lead to the front door of the apartment building despite the cold. At least she remembered to wear her winter coat, she tends to forget and get sick because of it.When she sees me, she smile, looking relieved. I caress her hair and we both get in. 

Once inside, I pick the phone and order a pizza. As she sit on the table looking at me, she chew some gum. 

"Did you pay for it?" I ask not quite scolding her yet.

She nods and I feel relieved. She often steal things. Not out of bad will, she just struggles with some things such as money, buying and personal property. 

"Good girl." I say smiling at her approvingly. "I got you a hat." 

Out of my bag, I take out the baseball cap I bought at the college gift shop and set it down on her head to hold the massive wall of hair she has. With curiosity, she looks at herself in a nearby mirror. 

She doesn't have much initiative of her own, I'm the one who has to buy her clothes and often push her so she remember to showers and eat. At least, she knows how to dress herself... It would be awkward for me to do it...

Even though I have to do a lot of things for her, she's not that much trouble, She mostly stay here and day dream in her room, draw things and take walk around the neighborhood. She doesn't want much, she's happy as she is.

When the pizza arrives, she devours it with the appetite proper to teens. I on the other hand, don't touch it. I can't stomach food in this state...

After getting her in her PJs, I'm about to go to bed when she wraps her arms around my waist.

"What's wrong princess?" I ask her.

"...Nathan..." She mutters lowly. Hugging me tighter.

I smile at her. I'm the one who's supposed to worry and take care of her. She lets go but insist on sleeping with me. 

"Alright... But only tonight." I concede.

I crash down on the bed as she snuggle on me. Slowly, the hunger fades away, replaced with the flowery smell of her soap...

The End

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