With Alek behind me, I head for the closest net dribbling the ball absently. When we reach the spot, I toss the ball at him which he catches reflexively. 

"You start." I tell him.

He nods and hold the ball in front of him, adjusting his grip and judging the distance to the net. Without waiting any longer, he throws it...  He hits the net's rim but the ball bounce back down next to me so I catch it back

"Sorry... I'm not really good at this." He admits.

"Don't worry mate. Nobody gets it gets it right the first time." I say cheerfully faking a smile.

Since it's my turn, I mechanically throws the ball, sending it right in and scoring. "There we go." I say grinning and bouncing the ball back to him.


"It's just a question of holding the ball correctly and throwing it the right way. If you master that, just about any shot is possible. Try again."

He does so and this time the ball circles on the rim for a few seconds before ultimately falling in.

"One-One." I declare as I toss the ball from further away than my last shot. "I mean Two-one for me." 

His eyes cross mine and I see a predatory light flickers. Like me, he steps back and goes for another shot, getting it right in without messing around. "Two-Two" He replies with a grin.

It goes on for a while with both of us making progressively more difficult shots. After about two dozen though the Girl from before, Cass, walks up to us, now wearing her street clothes instead of her Gym's.

"You two are still at it? The class has been over ten minutes ago." She comments. "Also, you two are apparently wizards" She then add snickering.

"She's right." Alek responds. "We should be going."

With that, he turns around and so does the girl. "They must be dating..." I comment to myself. 

Although at first glance the day was a waste, I did gain some precious info on this Alek guy. He's trying to lay low that's for sure. His strength and dexterity are way better than he let people think, cause I doubt he's a pro basket ball player in his own time.

The End

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