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With class wrapping up, I take Alek apart to ask him something. He turn toward me with an inquisitive look in his face. 

"What is it Cassandra?"

"Are you available tonight?" I timidly ask.

"I guess."

"I'm not asking you out, my mom just wants me to get out of the house, so you know, I'm just doing it to please her." I explain awkwardly. I haven't had a boyfriend since middle school... So I'm sort of extremely rusty talking to guys... or people in general.

"Alright. What did you have in mind?"

"Eh... I don't really know."

"We'll figure something out." He replies with a smirk.

"Thanks. I'll meet you at the Cafeteria at seven?" I suggest.

"Fine by me."

With that, we split up and head for our respective classes which passes uneventfully. History passes rather quickly while English seems to grind to a halt as I'm stuck working on a horridly boring argumentative essay on abortion... It was that, cloning or death penalty.

Nathan's naturally following me as I'm his guide. I mostly just show him around, he doesn't really ask much questions about the school itself. He seems like a nice guy, he polite, nice but really quiet. It's clear he prefer to listen and scan rather than talk. 

Final period of the day is PE, which is obligatory for all students, otherwise I'd have taken something else on my schedule. Today however I don't have any excuse to skip it so I join the game. Today it's basket ball apparently. 

Like the last time, Alek's on the bench, not participating due to his heart condition. To keep him busy, I gave him the last few chapters of my book to read. It's hard for me to show it to someone, but his feedback really helps.

After a pretty intense game, I crash down next to him panting. "How is it so far?" I ask him.

"Still good. I outlined a few mistakes but nothing major. Who's that mysterious stranger that pops in the last chapter?" He asks, looking genuinely interested.

"I'm not entirely sure yet. But I felt like the story needed an additional conflict that's from within and not external."

"Like a love triangle?" He asks mockingly.

"Could be one. I was also thinking of a conflict of loyalty from the prince."

"How would that happen?"

"Well, since he's hanging around with Mel, who's still human he could be breaching vampire laws."

"What are those?"

"Well the first rule of the bite club is: You don't talk about bite club."

"That seems right." He says chuckling. "Where do you get all your ideas?"

I shrug at him and responds. "A lot of places, books, movies, dreams."

"Dreams?" He ask raising an eyebrow.

"I may be a bit too much into this stuff, even when I'm asleep I'm thinking about it." I admit with a grin.

"What are you two doing?" Comes Nathan's voice as he walks toward us. "Do I need to get you a room?"

"Oh shut up." I state, rolling my eyes. "We're just talking about literature."

"Oh. Hey, Alex, is it Alex?"

"Alek." The concerned guy corrects him, seemingly not offended. People must always screw is name up.

"Want to play a game?" Nate invites him.

"I can't. Heart condition."

"Then we'll just do shoots for the net." He proposes instead, almost predatorily.

"I guess I can do that." Alek says after a moment's reflection.

Both guys walks to the closest free net and begin. Despite being a few yards away, I can almost feel the testosterone. I just sigh. Guys and their pissing contests...

The End

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