With J.C. working here, it didn't take much to get me infiltrated through the school. Using his "L33t" hacking skills, as he describe them, he added me into the class roster and all the files so I look legit if anyone bothers to check. He decided to put me into English studies.

Which doesn't bother me, I'm not here to study but to investigate. Beside I doubt I'll have much troubles, at my age, you've had time to learn a good deal.

"This is the guy I told you about." Comes J.C.'s voice from the office door. Following him is a red headed girl, I'd say eighteen of age, with glasses. "Evening." I say as they close the door.

"Cass this is Nathan. Nathan, meet Cass, my best student."

At the mention of that compliment, the girl blushes a bit. "Hi, I'm Cassandra. Everyone calls me Cass for some reason." She says, extending her hand toward me.

"As he said, I'm Nathan. Nice to meet you." I declare as I grip her warm hand, feeling the beating of her heart through her skin, waking the hunger in me. After a polite shake, I left go of her. My own heart beating frantically.

The bell rings just as J.C. hands me my books for the term. "What do we start in?" I ask her.

"History of the arts." She says after checking her schedule.

"Alright. I'm behind you."

After walking up a flight of stairs, we end up in one of the classes where she gives a note to the teacher before getting a seat, motioning for me to follow. She sits down next to some guy in black and whispers to him. 

"I didn't know you had this class on your list." she speaks lower than anyone but me could have heard.

"I have a thick schedule." He claims neutrally.

I sit down next to her and absently flip through the book to find the page the professor indicate. It's quite boring for someone like me who has better things to care about than renaissance painters...

"Who's the guy following you." The dude in black ask.

"He's new here. His name's Nathan."

"I see. Well, hello there Nathan."

"Hi..." I whispers looking at the guy.

It takes a cataclysmic effort of will for me not to stare wide eyed at the man, the same guy Doll drew for me a few days ago...

"Well... that was unexpectedly easy..." I mumble to myself incomprehensibly.



The End

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