The day's been a complete waste of time, There wasn't anything I managed to find. Nobody seems to know anything about who the hit was from...

Since I need to get some energy back, I stop the investigation and instead go back to the safe house I've established. It's a crummy apartment in Montreal north, one of the worst district of the city. However, nobody ask questions here, which is what I need.

Holding a bag of Chinese take out, I open the door, pushing it with my back and enter the three room apartment, two of which are bedrooms. 

I set down the food and take a glimpse into the first room; Sitting on a bed, staring blankly into the wall, is a girl. I don't know her real name or her exact age. When I had found her, she was an Orphan that lived at a mental hospital, suffering from a bad case of schizophrenia and autism. It's been about three years since, so she should be around twelve or thirteen. 

"Hey Doll." I say, smiling at the girl I consider sort of like a sister. "Are you hungry? I brought food."

Like she usually do, she nods and doesn't say a word. She walks to the table and search inside the bag and takes out a box of Cantonese noodles. She's about to open it when I stop her.

"Just a second." Using an elastic, I tie her naturally white hair which  reaches down to her knees when she stands up. The only time she ever threw a tantrum, was when I tried to cut them, she refuse to let me do it... "There you go princess."

She doesn't like being touched either. I'm the only one she allows to do it. 

She slowly eats in silence while I try to do the same. I have to force myself to chew and push down the food which feels like pebbles as it pass down my throat and into my stomach.

As I clean up the kitchen and stash the left-over in the fridge, Doll scribbles down something on paper with a pencil. After a few minutes however, she gets up and come to me, handing me the page. After glancing at it, I stop what I'm doing...

On the paper, she drew two things, a person and a building. I do not recognise the man, drawn rather realistically, but I take note of his features; Pale skin, short black hair, black clothes and formal look.

The building however, I recognize perfectly. The college, I must have missed something there...

It might seems weird to trust a child's drawings, but I don't think Doll is human... At least not completely. 

"Thank you Doll." I say, kissing her forehead gently, making her display a sliver of a corner smile.

The End

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