It's almost sun up but the man I'm here to see is still at his office at the college, he's always there, he barely sleep two hours a day. Like me, he doesn't like wasting time, there's too little of it and too much work to do.

"Good morning Nathan." The professor says as I walk in as silent as a cat, his hearing is well above normal people. "What can I do for you?"

"There was a murder two nights ago. Two victim and a suspect, there's one still on the run. I've checked, they're vampires."

"I know, I was looking into it. Why don't you sit down?"

After taking a seat next to him, to see his laptop, and then take a look at the man himself. Despite being half my age, he looks a bit older and he know even more than I do about the supernatural. Although he's only 21, he already got a doctorate in computer science and a master in philosophy.

"The victims ran several places for the national health system, most important of which for us is the blood bank. I've checked, he was altering records and reporting less than he collected.  It's correlated by impressive amounts of money received from a Swiss bank account. It's not on my watch list so I don't know who owns it..." He explains, fitting back his round glasses in place correctly.

"Any idea who the hit man and the client is?"

"It's a safe bet to say The reagent of the vampires, Reginald is it?"

"Reginvald." I correct him.

"Right. As for the assassin they found and the one on the run, I have no information, I'd need a set of pictures or their DNA to try running them on the files. Do you have their name?"

"Not yet."

"Alright. I'll keep on searching. I'll call you if I find anything else."

"Ditto. Thanks for the help Lincoln." I say as I get back up.

"You can call me J.C."

The End

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