Chat with the BossMature


The boss just called me, asking to see me in some park, which is a strange location, maybe it could be an ambush... I better be careful. He could try to get rid of me for botching that job last night.

I walk into the Angrignon park and wander around for a few minutes under the cover of darkness. There aren't any artificial light and with the cold temperature typical to this point in the winter, nobody's there.

After maybe 10 minutes, I spot him, sitting on top of a picnic table, facing the elongated lake that takes the center of the park. After looking around, I can't see anyone, darkness doesn't impede my sight, they can't used it for cover.

"Evening John." He says without looking at me.

I walk closer by and into his field of vision and notice he seems to be reading from some kind of note book.

"Why did you call me here?" I ask, seeing he doesn't say anything.

"Good job on finishing last night's work. I heard that the body were burned down, nothing remain of Jake, we're safe."

I'm stunned. I didn't do anything... And nobody knew about this incident except the boss and I. Somebody must be watching us. But if I tell him, he'll know I screwed up...

"The rest of the promised money is under the boarded up fountain next to the Verdun subway station."

"Thanks boss." I say, still trying to recover from the shock. "If I may ask, what are you reading?"

"A vampire novel." He says seriously.

"You, reading about vampires?" I say, baffled. 

Instead of answering, he just read a part out loud to me.

"Two races of vampires have waged a shadow war for the control of montreal since the beginning of the second third millenium, they are called the Drakuls, and the Orloks.

The first, are the progeny of the legendary Vlad Tepes, ruler of Wallachia. They look like humans and posses the powers to control the mind of others, it is said a specially prepared stake to the heart can kill them for good.

The second, known as orloks, are bestial and deformed beings, living in forests, caverns, abandoned building and sewers. They posses the ability to transform into terrifying and colossal bats."

"Where did you find this?" I ask, concerned. Although not perfect, a good bit of the info is spot on...

"Some girl I know. There's more."

"The intruder slowly walked into the house, a utility knife in hand. In the next room, the woman he was looking for continued cleaning the dinner's dishes, oblivious to the creeping menace. 

The killer came closer and with a swift move, slit her throat. Before she hit the ground, he was already upstairs, going for the real target; the husband, a business man that produced fake blood for the vampires to feed on. He had blackmailed the ruler of the Drakul and thus had to die. Like his wife, he never had the chance to fight back."

He then hands me the book showing me a rough pencil sketch. Depicting someone looking just like me named Jim Gein, named after Jim Jones and Ed Gein, the men Jake and I had taken our alias from; John Jones and Jake Gein...

"How does she know this much? How could she know me?"

"She was at the dinner last night... But she couldn't have seen you, I masked your presence.  from everyone." He comments.

"Should I take care of her?" I suggest.

"No, I'll deal with it personally." He declares before going down from his seat and walking out on me.

"What the hell is going on...?"

The End

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