"By the way, here are the notes you gave me. I copied them last night." I whisper to Alek as he listen to the English teacher looking somewhat absent.

"Thank you." He responds with a sliver of gratitude before going silent again.

As the teacher drones on about narrative theory, something I already know, I took a closer look at the guy. 

At first I thought he went for some kind of emo or goth allure, but upon closer inspection, he's actually dressed almost formally, with buttoned up shirt and dress pants. I should have seen it before, but I couldn't see and even more, didn't care in the least.

Maybe it doesn't help that he has a skin tone about as white as chalk and dark hair that looks like he just jumped out of bed.

"So, what are you majoring in?" I ask him slightly above a whisper.


"I'm going for an English major and a minor in philosophy." I tell him, without him asking.

"I see."

I hope he's just shy... Otherwise, the one word answer and avoidance of asking things back is going to get on my nerve... Admittedly, I'm not the social kind of person, but I at least try to hold a minimum of conversation with people.

Maybe I should ask him who the shady man at my job was... Nah, it's not any of my business. Beside, it probably was just a friend or sibling, they're probably just as eccentric as he is.

Class is over so I just grab my stuff and leave, not feeling like socializing, I just head for the next class immediately. 

The End

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