After sleeping most of the morning, I wake up just before lunch, due to college, I live a mostly nocturnal life style. The classes I wanted were already full in the normal schedule so I had to pick evening classes or wait four months for the next session.

"It's horrible..." My mother comments as she watch the news.

"Another home invasion?" I ask as I munch on abusively sugared cereals.

She nods and say "What if it happen to us?"

"Our place doesn't exactly scream luxury... Beside, what would they want to steal, the fridge?"

She looks at me, obviously not amused. "Are you going to school today?" She ask, changing the subject. Not that I care.

"Yes Ma."

"Good." She says, a smile on the corner of her lips. "I have to go to work. I'll see you later dear." She kisses me on my forehead like she always does and I can't hold back a smile.

"Good bye mom!"

As I clean up my breakfast, I look around me at the house I know full perfectly. It's not close to being a mansion, but it's my home. I had to fight with her to let me get a job, she didn't want me to over work myself, saying she was fine on her own, but I knew she was killing herself at work... And with college fees on top of it, I couldn't let her take even more work and remain with a clear conscience.

Using the few minutes left until I need to go, I hop in the shower and then fix myself, not wanting to look as sloppy as yesterday. Men seem to think make up is only for us to pick guys, but it's also really important for girls to feel good about ourselves too. 

After making sure I've got my books AND my glasses, I leave, walking at a relaxed pace to the subway station, I don't need to hurry today. There's about two minutes left until the clock when I arrive. 

The English classroom is tightly packed with people, barely any of which I know. I'm not a really social kind of girl and I don't have much in the way of friends. Although I'm not lonely, I'm just better when on my own.

I walk toward one of the few seats left and notice it's actually Alek sitting there, right next to the wall.

"Oh hey Alek." I say greeting him.

He takes an inquisitive look at me and responds "Evening Cassandra..." He looks back to the front of the class as the teacher begins talking.

The End

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