Three guys were murdered on the plateau last night, it was quite messy... from the early reports, it seems that one of them was intruding on the victim's property. Two utility knives were found, one bloodstained, but there aren't any prints on them... The weird thing is, the dead suspect wasn't wearing gloves but the weapon next to him was clean. Right now, the bodies are in the city morgue, awaiting an autopsy. 

As I walk inside, a suitcase in hand, the security officer takes a glance at me. "May I help you sir?" he asks in a bored voice.

I whip out a badge from my pocket and present myself. "Officer Jenkins of the RCMP. I'm here to see three bodies that were brought here earlier."

"Of course sir." He responds before inviting me to follow. It's incredible what a fake badge and just asking politely can get you.

He lets me inside a chilly autopsy room where the corpse are laying on three different tables, covered with sheets. He stays behind and most likely return at his post. After doing a quick check up of the three bodies, I focus on the one marked "John Doe 12

The sight of the corpse is revolting, a huge portion of the torso was burned and the neck was shot into paste... 

"Ugly son of a bitch." I comment grinning.

Due to rigor mortis, I'm stuck needing to break the jaw to open the severed head's mouth. It gives away with a crack and I peer inside the guy's mouth. Nothing abnormal so far... Using a scalpel from a nearby tool drawer, I cut the man's gums around the canines and then pull on them.

Two pairs of 2'' inches fangs drop down, confirming my theory; We've got vampires on our hand. Out of the suitcase I brought in, I take out a bag of rusty red powder and dump it over the body.

Calmly, I leave the building after nodding at the security officer and sit down in my car. Out of the glove compartment, I retrieve detonator and activates it, exploding the blasting cap I left behind and igniting the thermite. 

Somebody's going to have a nice surprise when he comes to work...

The End

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