I throw down my bag on the floor as I come home from work. I'm tired enough I could sleep an entire week. 

However, I don't go to bed yet, I've still got things to do. After a much needed shower and a change of clothes into pajamas, I sit down at the desk in my room. It's about two in the morning, I have enough time to do some work.

From the drawer, I take out the thick notebook containing my super secret project, a novel! My computer being broken, I'm stuck on pen and paper for a week or two. Like I always do, I reread the last few chapters to remember what happened.

I write a few paragraphs until I end up stuck, the main girl is tossed in the middle of a war between vampires but I can't figure out how to make her more involved...

"Maybe she can hook up with the main guy of the good vampires, the Drakuls? Nah, too sappy and it's too early in the book... She could becomes a vampire but that would remove the forbidden love theme..." I mutter to myself, saying my thoughts out loud like I always do when stuck in my own world.

I sigh and look around me, checking the different posters around me, from my favorite movies, all vampire and werewolves flick, but nothing comes to mind. It takes a few minutes until I get a new idea.

"Maybe she knows too much!" I exclaim loudly. "Yeah, that seems good. But what then?"

My mind wanders off to my memories of the evening, in particular toward the shady man in the trench that just came and left... I smile broadly.

"I've got it, vampire hit-man." I say with satisfaction, going back into a trance as I write it all down on paper.

The End

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